Nickelodeon offers a cord cutter-friendly streaming service

SpongeBob SquarePants

News came today that Nickelodeon plans to offer an online subscription service coming this March. The service, which for some reason won’t be called “Nickelodeon,” will be available for anyone, including those without a cable subscription. This joins both the current trend of cord cutting (canceling cable TV services) and HBO Go, CBS, Sling TV, … Read more

Minorities in cartoons: Fire (DC Comics)

Fire and Ice

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is Fire (real name: Beatriz Bonilla da Costa), a Brazilian superheroine published by DC Comics. Fire first appeared in “Super Friends” #25 (October 1979), and was created by E. Nelson Bridwell and Ramona Fradon. Beatriz first appeared in the “Super Friends” comics as the “Green Fury,” a heroine with … Read more

Anthony’s miscellaneous comics picks for April 2015

Uncle Scrooge #1

Here’s what’s of interest from various comic companies for April 2015. IDW Full solicitations are available here. Uncle Scrooge #1, $4 Jem and the Holograms #2, $4 Image Full solicitations are available here. Copperhead #6, on sale Apr. 5, $3 Oddly Normal #6, on sale Apr. 15, $3 Dark Horse Full solicitations are available here. … Read more

Cartoons at the box office: “Paddington” does well again, “Strange Magic” less so


“American Sniper” came in first place again this weekend at the box office, earning $64.4 million (-27.9% from last weekend) and grossing $200 million domestically to date. Elsewhere in the box office, “Paddington” continues to see decent business, coming in third place and earning $12.4 million (-34.7%). So far, the film’s earned $40 million domestically, … Read more

RIP SkyMall, Cat Fancy, and Dog Fancy

Cat Fancy

I bring news of a trio of long-running magazines/catalogs finally going under. “SkyMall,” the ubiquitous back-of-the-airplane-seat filler, is filing for bankruptcy. The catalog, offering all sorts of odd knickknacks that were pricey and useless to anyone not prone to buying stuff from infomercials, has finally been run out of business by the Internet. Specifically, it’s … Read more

26th annual GLAAD Media Awards nominees for comics announced

Lumberjanes #2

This year’s GLAAD Media Awards have been announced, which includes comics from mainstream publishers that are deemed to best depict LGBT people. The nominees for comics this year include: Hawkeye (Marvel) Lumberjanes (Boom! Studios) Memetic (Boom! Studios) Rat Queens (Image) Saga (Image) That’s two nominees from Image, two from Boom!, and one from Marvel. DC … Read more

Minorities in cartoons: Tasmanian Devil (DC Comics)

Tasmanian Devil

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is Tasmanian Devil (real name Hugh Dawkins), a DC Comics superhero and member of the team the Global Guardians. Tasmanian Devil first appeared in “Super Friends” #7 (October 1977), and was created by E. Nelson Bridwell and Ramona Fradon. Dawkins’ backstory doesn’t give the origin of his powers (besides … Read more

Disney comics to return to the American market via IDW

Uncle Scrooge #1

News came today that Disney has licensed out its traditional line of comics to publisher IDW, who’ll be releasing new Disney books over the upcoming year under the imprint “Disney Comics.” The books include: “Uncle Scrooge” (in April), “Donald Duck” (May), “Mickey Mouse” (June), and long-runner “Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories” (September). WDC&S will retain … Read more

Anthony’s DC Comics picks for April 2015

Convergence: Superman #1

Here’s a look at what’s coming out from DC for April 2015. A full list of solicitations are available here. Comics Convergence #1 (of 8), on sale Apr. 8, $5 Convergence #2 (of 8), on sale Apr. 15, $4 Convergence #3 (of 8), on sale Apr. 22, $4 Convergence #4 (of 8), on sale Apr. … Read more

Marvel’s rebooting their universe (sort of?) in “Secret Wars”

Marvel logo

After much speculation on what Marvel planned to do with its newest mega-crossover, “Secret Wars” (a modernized version of the classic 80s miniseries), today brought news of what Marvel has planned: a reboot of sorts for the Marvel Universe.  I say “of sorts” since while there’s time- and dimensional-travel and merging going on, it doesn’t … Read more