DC Comics multiverse map

“Multiversity” and Grant Morrison’s map of the DC multiverse

At the recent San Diego Comic-Con, we got some news detailing information about Grant Morrison’s upcoming series “Multiversity,” which promises to take a current look at the DC Comics multiverse. Besides this interview with Morrison giving more details about the series (why can’t that Capt. Marvel book be an actual ongoing?), attendees at the show also got a guidebook with a map detailing the multiverse. Fortunately for the 99.9% of people that didn’t or couldn’t attend SDCC, Entertainment Weekly‘s republished the map on their website in…

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Switching site statistics from Piwik to Google Analytics (again)

Thought I’d give a heads-up on the behind-the-scenes workings of the blog… After a year of having gone back to Piwik, I’ve decided to go back to using Google Analytics again. Recently, I’ve been trying to simplify the number of plugins, theme used, etc. for the site to make it easier to manage. Thus, I’ve replaced some of the various plugins with Jetpack for WordPress, changed to an easier-to-manage theme (and one that’s actually still being updated), and so forth. While Piwik’s been OK, I’ve…

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Cartoons at the box office: The “Lucy” – “Hercules” Fantasy Hour

Anticipation for “Lucy” seems to have been pretty strong, as the film used 100% of Scarlett Johansson’s star power to easily beat “Hercules” for the top spot at the box office. “Lucy” raked in $44 million, which easily made back its modest budget of $40 million. Hopefully, Hollywood gets the message (if it hasn’t from “Gravity,” “Frozen,” etc.) about women being able to headline films, though I somehow doubt it. Don’t suppose we’ll be seeing a Black Widow solo film anytime soon; this weekend’s big movie news…

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Chromebook screenshot 4

Anthony buys a Chromebook

As of last night, I’m the proud owner of a brand-new Chromebook. Like the other tech purchases I’ve made, I’d given the matter plenty of thought, before deciding to buy one of the cheap laptops running Google’s own Chrome OS. (See the previous posts I’ve written about Chromebooks’ merits.) I’m even typing this blog post on the Chromebook, which isn’t much different from my usual typing posts from within my browser. The model I bought was the Acer C720, which is an 11″ model that’s selling…

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Sam Wilson as Captain America

Why diversity among A-listers matters: the new Thor and Captain America

Much has been written about this by everyone else over the past week, but I guess I’m obligated to chime in as well. Marvel’s announced plans to replace Captain America and Thor. For Thor, a woman will be assuming the role of the Mighty One after Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) rejects him as being “unworthy” of the role. For Captain America, Steve Rogers is forced to retire after his Super Soldier Serum’s somehow removed, causing him to age into an elderly man. Cap’s replacement: the Falcon (aka…

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Comixology finally allows DRM-free comics

In a move that’s been well overdue, Comixology announced today that it’s allowing downloads of DRM-free comics. For quite awhile, I and others online have disliked the heavily DRMed model of Comixology, which given its near-monopoly position and  that several publishers will only publish via Comixology makes the DRM particularly obnoxious. This is finally a welcome move. I do  have to wonder if it’s in response to Image Comics successfully offering DRM-free comics for awhile now, and thus stealing some business from Comixology. Or if it’s in response…

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Clay Walker and Kevin Keller's wedding

Minorities in cartoons: Clay Walker

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is Clay Walker, a character in Archie Comics. (SPOILERS aplenty about the “Life With Archie” series below…) Clay exists in Archie’s “Life With Archie” series, which has just concluded as of this writing. The series presented the Archie gang as twentysomethings. Each issue featured two different alternate futures: one in which Archie married Betty, another where Archie married Veronica. Both futures had similar events. For instance, both futures saw Moose finally dumped by Midge due to his violent temper, which…

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Betty and Veronica #273

Anthony’s Archie Comics picks for October 2014

Here’s a look at what’s coming out from Archie in October. Full solicitations are available here. Comics Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #2, on sale Nov. 5, $4 Archie #661, on sale Oct. 29, $4 Betty and Veronica #273, on sale Oct. 15, $4 Trade paperbacks None. Comments For those wondering, there’s no “Afterlife With Archie” out this month despite being October, the most appropriate month for a horror-themed comic. There is an issue due out in late September (Sept. 24), however. “Archie” this month leads…

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Super Secret Crisis War #5

Anthony’s miscellaneous comics picks for October 2014

Here’s a look at what comics are coming out in October. IDW Full solicitations are available here. Dexter’s Laboratory, vol. 1: Dee’s Day TPB, $18 Cartoon Network: Super Secret Crisis War! #5 (of 6), $4 Nelvana of the Northern Lights (HC), $40 Image Full solicitations are available here. Oddly Normal #2, on sale Oct. 22, $3 Boom Studios Full solicitations are available here. Steven Universe #3, $4 Garfield #30, $4 Lumberjanes #7, $4 Dark Horse Full solicitations are available here. #1 for $1: Action Philosophers,…

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Can Chrome (and a Chromebook) fill in for my usual computing tasks?

Lately, I’ve been reading (and writing) about Chromebooks, the simplified laptops backed by Google’s Chrome OS that basically use the Chrome browser (and Linux) as the operating system. Besides the allure of a new gadget, I’m also interested in a laptop that’d be less heavy to carry around than my two-year-old Linux Mint-running HP laptop, which weighs in at a hefty 5.3 lbs./2.4 kg (per its specs). While I’d like a MacBook of some sort, I currently don’t have the money or means to buy one. A…

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