Anthony’s recommended Wonder Woman comics

On the heels of my Superman and Batman lists, here’s a list of my recommended Wonder Woman comics. The comics come from across the decades, from the Golden Age to the present. I also try to favor trade paperback collections over single issues. Golden Age Wonder Woman Chronicles. Affordable trade paperback reprints of the earliest Wonder … Continue reading “Anthony’s recommended Wonder Woman comics”

Which characters can appear in Marvel movies?

Marvel’s movie rights have been quite fractured for some years now. While they’ve done fine with their secondary characters like Captain America and Iron Man, not having the X-Men or Spider-Man fully on board still annoys some fans. But exactly which studios own what Marvel comic properties? The infographic below (made by The Geek Twins) … Continue reading “Which characters can appear in Marvel movies?”

Anthony’s recommended Batman comics

Following up my previous Superman recommended comics list, here’s a list of what Batman comics I recommend. This includes ones about Catwoman, the Joker, and so forth. Again, I’ll try to stick with comics that’re in trade paperbacks/graphic novels. Golden Age Batman in the Forties. Varied collection of Golden Age Batman stories, including the first appearances … Continue reading “Anthony’s recommended Batman comics”

Delaware the US state with the fastest broadband

A study by Akamai reports that the US states with the fastest broadband rates aren’t the most populated ones such as California or New York. It’s not even Washington State, where I live. Instead, it’s a few surprising states: Delaware, followed by Rhode Island. Delaware has an average speed of 20.4 Mbps, while Rhode Island … Continue reading “Delaware the US state with the fastest broadband”

Minorities in cartoons: Colossal Boy

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is Colossal Boy (real name: Gim Allon). Gim first appeared in “Action Comics” #267 (August 1960), and was created by Jerry Siegel (the co-creator of Superman) and Jim Mooney (a longtime Supergirl artist). Gim Allon was born in 30th/31st century Israel. When Gim grew older, he enrolled in the training … Continue reading “Minorities in cartoons: Colossal Boy”

Anthony’s miscellaneous comics picks for August 2016

Here’s a look at what’s coming out from non-Big Two, independent comics publishers in August 2016. IDW A full list of solicitations is available here. Atomic Robo and the Temple of Od #1 (of 5), $4 March Book 3, $20 Back to the Future #11, $4 Back to the Future: Citizen Brown #4 (of 5), $5 … Continue reading “Anthony’s miscellaneous comics picks for August 2016”

Comixology Unlimited subscription service launched

Earlier today, dominant digital comics seller Comixology unveiled its latest feature: a digital comic subscription service. Similar to Netflix or Marvel’s Marvel Unlimited, “Comixology Unlimited” will allow subscribers to read what’s described as “thousands” of comics each month. While DC and Marvel won’t be participating, there are comics from most of the major secondary publishers, including: … Continue reading “Comixology Unlimited subscription service launched”

Five Android apps I want on my Chromebook

Now that the entire range of Google Play Android apps are finally coming to Chrome OS (the operating system Chromebooks use), one question should be asked: which apps will be the most popular? Also, which ones will be worth using on Chrome OS, for that matter? Here’s five apps I look forward to using, or at least trying, … Continue reading “Five Android apps I want on my Chromebook”

Anthony’s recommended Superman comics

I’ve been writing about monthly comics solicitations for years, and also have done a few one-off recommended comic posts. However, I thought I should write some more evergreen posts listing what comics overall I’d recommend. To outline my criteria, I’ll cover the entire timespan of comics, from Golden Age to the present, so it won’t just be recent material. I’ll … Continue reading “Anthony’s recommended Superman comics”

Anthony’s Marvel Comics picks for August 2016

It’s time for the monthly look at what’s coming out from Marvel. Here’s the full list of Marvel solicitations for August 2016. Comics Captain America: Sam Wilson #12, $4 Captain Marvel #8, $4 A-Force #8, $4 Ms. Marvel #10, $4 Spider-Man #7, $4 Guardians of the Galaxy #11, $4 Rocket Raccoon & Groot #8, $4 The Mighty … Continue reading “Anthony’s Marvel Comics picks for August 2016”