Anthony’s picks for DC Comics for December 2009

Time once more for my picks for DC Comics’ solicitations, this time for the final month of the decade known as the 00s (naughts? double-zeroes?), December 2009. Comics I plan to buy:– Superboy: The Greatest Team-Ups Ever Told TPB, on sale Jan. 20, $20 Comics I might consider buying:– Batman: The Brave and the Bold … Read more

Possible new digital subchannel children’s network to debut?

This article states that the owner of the digital subchannel TV network RTN (Retro Television Network, a network that like Chicago/Milwaukee’s MeTV, specializes in reruns of classic TV shows) plans to start up several other digital subchannel networks, including a children’s network tentatively named “PBJ”. I assume this network’s main competition would be Qubo (which … Read more

Anthony finally sees the new 5G Nano

Last weekend, I went to the Apple Store and got a look at the newest fifth-generation iPod Nano, so I could see for myself what these new models look like (and how well they worked). Ars Technica did the same thing; see this article for its take. The main features that are different from the … Read more

Kanye West meets Daffy Duck

Per the recent story about Kanye West climbing on stage and upstaging country music singer Taylor Swift at her own MTV Video Awards show win, someone made this amusing little dub of the incident, dubbing over West’s voice with lines from Daffy Duck in the 1950s Looney Tunes short “Show-Biz Bugs”… enjoy:

New iPods, and DC Comics goes (even more) corporate

Today (09/09/09—numerologists must be thrilled) was a quite busy day… to summarize:  – Apple’s newest iPods announcement. The biggest changes comes to the iPod Nanos—now sporting, of all things, a video camera (incapable of taking still images, so it can’t be used for photos), and, after years of the iPod’s existence, an FM radio. Given … Read more

Look out, here comes the Spider…mouse? Disney to buy Marvel Comics

As noted in the subject line, today’s big news is not a hoax, not a dream, and not an imaginary story: Disney is buying out Marvel Comics, publishers of the Hulk, Spider-Man and the X-Men, for $4 billion. Already, of course, the Internet is abuzz about this deal. Reactions range from surprise to indifference to … Read more