Anthony’s picks for DC Comics for December 2009

Time once more for my picks for DC Comics’ solicitations, this time for the final month of the decade known as the 00s (naughts? double-zeroes?), December 2009. Comics I plan to buy:– Superboy: The Greatest Team-Ups Ever Told TPB, on sale Jan. 20, $20 Comics I might consider buying:– Batman: The Brave and the Bold … Read more

New iPods, and DC Comics goes (even more) corporate

Today (09/09/09—numerologists must be thrilled) was a quite busy day… to summarize:  – Apple’s newest iPods announcement. The biggest changes comes to the iPod Nanos—now sporting, of all things, a video camera (incapable of taking still images, so it can’t be used for photos), and, after years of the iPod’s existence, an FM radio. Given … Read more