Comic review: Marvel Adventures Spider-man #10

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #10 Written by: Paul Tobin Art by: Matteo Lolli In this issue, Spidey’s attempting to train a new “superheroine,” Lynx. “Superheroine” in quotes because she’s only in it for unrelated, self-serving reasons… none of which help her or Spidey much when old Spider-Man villain the Scorpion shows up to cause trouble. I … Continue reading “Comic review: Marvel Adventures Spider-man #10”

Comic review: Darkwing Duck #8

Darkwing Duck #8 Written by: Ian Brill Art by: James Silvani The “Crisis On Infinite Darkwings” story arc finally comes to a close, as Darkwing, Gosalyn, and Morgana, along with the *many* alternate versions of Darkwing, all team up to face Negaduck and a second villain, Paddywhack (who I assume is another villain from the … Continue reading “Comic review: Darkwing Duck #8”

Comic review: Tiny Titans #36

Tiny Titans #36 Written by: Art Baltazar and Franco Art by: Art Baltazar In this issue, it’s “Titans to the Center of the Earth” (as the cover proclaims), as Terra takes some of the fire-themed Tiny Titans (Hotstuff, Kid Devil) and Beast Boy (who begged to go) on a trip to the “center of the … Continue reading “Comic review: Tiny Titans #36”

Sliding timelines in cartoons: “The Simpsons”

Continuing from the previous articles on sliding timelines in cartoons, I next come to an interesting example, “The Simpsons.” Interesting because: Despite being a sitcom (and thus adhering to sitcoms’ episodic nature and minimal continuity, i.e. everything’s wrapped up in 30 minutes and events rarely or never influence the next episode, thus making it easier … Continue reading “Sliding timelines in cartoons: “The Simpsons””

2011 Oscar animation nominees

Here’s a list of the nominees for this year’s Oscars for Best Animated Feature and Best Animated Short Subject: Best Animated Feature “How to Train Your Dragon” (Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois) “The Illusionist” (Sylvain Chomet) “Toy Story 3” (Lee Unkric) Will win: “Toy Story 3.” Should win: Not seen “Dragon” or “Illusionist,” so can’t … Continue reading “2011 Oscar animation nominees”

Miscellaneous comics news: “Wizard” magazine closes shop, more on the death of the Comics Code

Several miscellaneous comics items: Today’s big news is that “Wizard” magazine, a monthly magazine covering the (mostly superhero) comics industry, is shutting down. Back in the 90s (when my modern interest in comic books began), I used to buy “Wizard” every month, budget-permitting. However, changing reading tastes, budget issues, and a dislike of “Wizard”‘s sophomoric … Continue reading “Miscellaneous comics news: “Wizard” magazine closes shop, more on the death of the Comics Code”

Comixology experience and digital comics thoughts in general

Recently, I signed up for Comixology, an online digital comics store that allows one to buy and read a selection of some comics from various companies, including DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Archie, etc. Comixology’s store relies on Flash. On the plus side, this means not being reliant on a particular operating system (it’s Linux-friendly) nor … Continue reading “Comixology experience and digital comics thoughts in general”

22nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards outstanding comics nominees announced

GLAAD, an LGBT media watchdog group, recently announced nominees for its annual media awards (for positive portrayals of LGBT characters). While animation unsurprisingly isn’t one of the nominated categories (given LGBT people are infrequently portrayed period and/or infrequently in a non-stereotyped manner in American animation), comic books are. Here’s their nominees for “outstanding comic book”: … Continue reading “22nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards outstanding comics nominees announced”

Everything’s Archie…except the Comics Code

On the heels of yesterday’s news of DC Comics dropping the Comics Code comes another surprise announcement—Archie Comics is pulling out of the Comics Code as well: Newsarama article on Archie’s dropping the Code As I noted yesterday, Archie can easily get by without the code, as their current output is already family-friendly (Archie’s President … Continue reading “Everything’s Archie…except the Comics Code”

Anthony’s picks for DC Comics for April 2011

Time again for my picks and remarks about DC Comics for April 2011: What I’ll be buying: The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold #6, on sale April 13, $3 Tiny Titans #39, on sale April 20, $3 What I’ll consider buying: None. Comments: This marks the first month of DC’s new post-Comics … Continue reading “Anthony’s picks for DC Comics for April 2011”