Thoughts on “The Looney Tunes Show” preview clips

The other day I, like the rest of the online world, got to see clips of the upcoming new Looney Tunes TV series, “The Looney Tunes Show.” Unlike the original shorts, this spinoff seems to be taking a more sitcom-like approach, keeping the characters in one setting (a suburban neighborhood), and more emphasis on dialogue … Read more

Easter specials that pass (or fail) the Bechdel Test

Marcie and Peppermint Patty

In the spirit of my post about Christmas specials that pass (or fail) the Bechdel Test, I thought it’d be fun to apply the same thing toward the handful of animated Easter specials that’ve been produced. Pass It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown: One of the best of the animated TV Easter specials also passes … Read more

The “Jay Sherman Test” applied to summer 2011 animated and comic book films

Besides the well-known Bechdel Test, another possible set of rules for movie-viewing, though¬†way more lenient than the Bechdel Test,¬†might be the ones that were proposed by Jay Sherman in the 90s animated series The Critic. While the show had some flaws (too many forced attempts at being “wacky” at times, especially after it moved from … Read more

Comic review: Tiny Titans #38

Tiny Titans #38 Written by: Art Baltazar and Franco Art by: Art Baltazar This issue centers around Aquaman’s youthful sidekick, Aqualad (the original Aqualad, not the current African-American one), and several misadventures he has under the sea. After meeting a young lady named “Aquagirl,” Aqualad (along with Lagoon Boy) join her underwater version of the … Read more

Archie comic reviews: World of Archie Double Digest #5, Veronica #205

World of Archie Double Digest #5 Written by: various Art by: various This issue of “World of Archie” features a complete reprint of the “Tiny Titans/Little Archie” crossover storyline from last fall. Interesting that it’d be cheaper (at $4) to buy this digest than the individual issues (three issues at $3 each = $9), plus … Read more

Anthony’s picks for Archie Comics for June 2011

Here’s what I’m interested in for Archie for June 2011. As usual, the two dates are in order of comic shop and newsstand availability: Comics I’m buying: Archie & Friends #156, on sale June 15/June 21, $3 Betty & Veronica Double Digest #192, on sale July 6/July 12, $4 Kevin Keller #1 (Veronica #207), … Read more