Action Comics #900 released today, plus previous anniversary issues

Today sees the release at comic shops of “Action Comics” #900, an anniversary issue of the long-running Superman-starring title. Per a few other sites also taking a look at noteworthy or anniversary issues of “Action,” I thought I’d do the same and remark on previous anniversary issues of “Action.” Action Comics #100 (September 1946) Plot: … Read more

Nook Color finally gains Android 2.2 upgrade, Flash, the long-promised app store

Barnes and Noble today has released a major upgrade for the Nook Color. Not only has it been upgraded to Android 2.2, but it now comes with the long-promised Barnes and Noble app store. Flash has also been included in the upgrade. More information may be found here: While I’d imagine those of us … Read more

The Best of Anthony: Easter in animation

On this Easter, I thought I’d link to my previous posts about the holiday: Easter animated specials that pass/fail the Bechdel Test: What the subject says. Apparently, the only one I could find that did pass was “It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown!” thanks to Peppermint Patty and Marcie’s hilarious subplot. As far as I … Read more

The Best of Anthony: My Ubuntu 10.10 post-installation guides

While it’s been one of my most popular posts, I thought I’d link to my Ubuntu 10.10 post-installation tips guides again, before the release of 11.04 next week: Things to do after a fresh Ubuntu (10.10) install Alternative programs to install The above post-installation guides available as a downloadable PDF (released under a Creative Commons … Read more

Comic review: Archie Bronze Age series DVD-ROM collections

A few months ago, I bought the “Bronze Age” series of DVD-ROMs produced of several 70s Archie Comics series, “Archie,” “Jughead,” and “Archie’s Girls, Betty & Veronica.” The DVD-ROMs, produced by GIT Corp, each contain the entire run of stories for each title released between January 1970 through December 1979, including any annuals. The comics … Read more

Anthony’s picks for Archie Comics for July 2011

Here’s what of interest is coming out for Archie for July 2011. As usual, dates are listed in order of comic shop/newsstand availability: Comics I’m buying Betty & Veronica Double Digest #193, on sale July 27/Aug. 2, $4 Kevin Keller #2 (Veronica #208), on sale Aug. 10/Aug. 16, $3 Life With Archie #12, on sale … Read more

How comics and animation handle characters’ aging

Spurred by a recent blog post on Westfield Comics Blog about sliding-scale comic timelines, I thought this might merit my own blog post—the major ways in which comics and animation handle characters’ aging, or (being fictional characters) lack thereof. The major ways I’ve seen seem to boil down to: Real time In-story explanations The sliding-scale … Read more

PC World on 10 things supposedly killed by the smartphone

PC World magazine has an article about “10 things killed by the smartphone”: The list consists of: MP3 players Portable game consoles Point-and-shoot cameras Personal video players Voice recorders Portable GPS navigation devices Personal digital assistants (PDAs) Wristwatches Paper maps Dialing 411 for directory assistance Quite an interesting list, though it fails to observe … Read more