Going by the classic journalism rule of the Five Ws

Who am I?

I’m Anthony Dean, the owner of Anthony’s Notes.

What is Anthony’s Notes about?

AnthonyAnthony’s Notes is a blog about my interests in media and technology.

Media topics covered on my blog include comics, animation, and media industry issues such as mergers, diversity, etc. Technology topics covered on my blog include tech industry news, Android, Linux/open source software, OS X, Chromebooks, streaming media, and technology guides/tips.

Regular features on my blog include:

  • Minorities in cartoons: A weekly look at various minority characters in comics and animation.
  • Upcoming comics picks: A look at upcoming comics of interest from DC, Marvel, and smaller/independent comic publishers.

Where do I live?

I live in Seattle. However, I do enjoy traveling when I have the opportunity.

The site itself is hosted on MDDHosting.

When did Anthony’s Notes begin?

Anthony’s Notes has gone through several incarnations over the years, but its official “birthday” is September 10, 2002, the day my first blog post went online.

Why do I have a blog/website?

A blog allows me to write about my areas of interest and have a centralized presence online. I also use my site as a way to advertise my professional writing services and keep an online portfolio of my writing work.