About Me

AnthonyGoing by the classic journalism rule of the Five Ws:


I’m Anthony Dean, the owner of Anthony’s Notes.


Anthony’s Notes is a blog dedicated to my interests in media and technology.

Media categories of interest include comics, animation, and issues concerning media (such as mergers, etc.). On the technology side, my main areas of interest include Linux/open source software, open standards, smartphones (particularly Android based ones), and Macs/OS X.

I also host an online portfolio of my freelance writing work.


I grew up in northwest Indiana. After finishing high school, I went to Purdue University, from which I graduated with a BA degree in professional writing. In June 2014, I moved from Milwaukee to Seattle. However, I do enjoy traveling when I have the opportunity.


Anthony’s Notes has gone through several incarnations over the years, but its official “birthday” is September 10, 2002, the day my first blog post went online.


I enjoy writing about media and technology related topics; comics and animation are also hobbies of mine. Anthony’s Notes also provides me with experience in maintaining a hosted website; I use WordPress as the site’s content management system (CMS).

I also use this site to advertise my professional¬†writing services, for which I’m available on a full-time or freelance/contract basis. If interested, please feel free to contact me through the site’s contact form. Thank you.