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iPod Classic

My choice of music services (fall 2014)

Here’s an update of a previous post I’d written about what music services I use. These days, my choice of music/audio services include: TuneIn Radio I’ve written about TuneIn Radio before. TuneIn’s quite useful in letting me listen to NPR streaming audio on my phone. The Pro version is only a dollar, but gets rid of the ads. The Pro version also lets one record radio broadcasts, if one’s interested in such. Pandora For keeping up on current music, Pandora’s streaming audio service is very convenient. While…

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Nexus 6

Google announces new Nexus devices and the newest version of Android, “Lollipop”

Today, Google announced (a day ahead of Apple’s own big new product news) several new products, as well as the newest version of Android, “Lollipop.” There’d been much debate over what the new Android OS name would be, including “licorice” or another licensed product (a la KitKat). Of course, now there’ll probably be various jokes about how “Lollipop sucks” or somesuch. Anyway, the new Nexus devices include: Nexus 6 The Nexus 6 is Google’s newest plain-Android smartphone, produced by Motorola. Unlike the previous few generations, including…

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Nexus 4

Read-only MTP support for Android devices comes to Chrome OS

Google’s been adding more and more features to its Chrome OS for Chromebooks, in order to bring it more on par with conventional laptops. The latest feature to be added: MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) support for Android devices. Simply plug in your Android device, and you can copy files from said device to your Chromebook. More details on this OMG Chrome article. Unfortunately, write support to Android devices isn’t supported at this time, so no creating folders on/copying files to Android devices. It’s also rolling…

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Chromebook with Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Chrome OS finally receives its first four Android apps

Chrome OS’ web-based orientation means its apps are either just bookmarks to websites or actual stand-alone programs. Meanwhile, Android’s much longer history and smartphone dominance means there’s a vast number of apps available. Thus, Google’s promised to bring integration between the two operating systems, which should make Chrome OS more appealing. Last week, Google finally made good on its promise by introducing its first four Android apps for Chrome OS: Duolingo: an app used to learn foreign languages. Evernote: the popular note-taking app. Sight Words: a…

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Android TV

Coming soon: Android TV

Coming this fall is Google’s latest effort at competing with Apple TV, Roku, and video game consoles: “Android TV.” Unlike previous efforts Google TV and Chromecast, Android TV will be an operating system rather than a specific set-top box brand name. Smart TV makers will be able to embed it into their sets, while third-party set-top box makers (Asus, etc.) can use the operating system. Similar to Android and Roku/Apple TV, it’ll come with an easy-to-use interface with support for Chromecast. It’ll also come with its…

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Comixology removes in-app purchasing from iOS apps

Yesterday, with zero advance notice, came some big comic news: Amazon stated that Comixology will drop in-app purchases for iOS users, to avoid Apple’s 30% cut of all in-app sales on any iOS app. The Android version will still allow in-app purchases, but not through Google Play’s system; Google also takes a 30% cut of sales from Android in-app sales. Android users will have to go through Paypal or Comixology’s own credit card system, which is what Comixology’s website uses. The new versions of Comixology’s…

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Merry Christmas 2013

To those of you who celebrate, merry Christmas! I thought I’d list some useful previous posts I’ve written, as well as other holiday highlights… I got a new Nexus 7/Nook/etc. for Christmas; what can I do with it? For those who’re giving/receiving an Android-based tablet or smartphone for the holiday, here’s my post on recommended Android apps. Where can I buy digital comics besides Comixology? For those looking to buy digital comics with said tablet, and don’t want to use Comixology, here’s my post on…

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Blu-ray vs. digital media stores: which option’s better for multiple mixed-OS devices?

Lately, I’ve been considering going to high definition for future movie and TV show purchases. Between the direction things are moving, my owning an HDTV set, and that the HD version of “Wreck-It Ralph” I’ve seen looks a lot better than my DVD version does, I figure it’s time to make the move. But what kind of HD videos? The current choices are Blu-ray and the various digital media stores, the latter dominated by iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. I’ve written about Blu-ray in the…

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Android app review: Yahoo Weather

Yahoo!, the company that’s recently adopted a wide range of changes, ranging from buying Tumblr to changing its logo, is striving to make inroads into the mobile world. Besides their recently improved Flickr app, Yahoo’s also improved its Weather app. The new Yahoo Weather app makes use of Flickr images to provide within the app full-screen background images, depending on one’s city/location. Among the aspects of this app: A clean view and layout of weather information, including today’s high and low temperatures, hourly temperature forecasts,…

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Android 4.4 to be called… KitKat?

Earlier today, Google announced that it’s arranged a licensing deal with candy maker Nestle that’ll see Android 4.4 have the dessert-themed name… “KitKat.” Yes, after the candy bar. Google’s always chosen dessert-themed names for Android, as listed on this tie-in page, which also advertises Google Play/Android device prizes embedded in select Kit Kat wrappers. As for the spelling, it looks like the Android OS will be named “KitKat” (in camel case), while Google refers to the candy itself as “Kit Kat” (with a space). And…

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