AT&T to buy T-Mobile: not a good sign

In the tech news here this week is the announcement that US telecom giant AT&T is buying smaller mobile carrier T-Mobile, which will reduce the number of nationwide major carriers to three (AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint, though Sprint is smaller than the “big two”). Ars Technica reports all the ugly details of this, and why … Read more

AT&T dropping Usenet

According to what I’ve read online (no email from AT&T on the subject), AT&T (my ISP) is dropping Usenet service as of July 15th. While Usenet’s popularity has dropped in recent years, imagine it couldn’t be costing that much to keep the text-only, non-binaries groups going. Suspect it’s probably just another money-grubbing tactic by ISPs … Read more

Apple announces new iPhone (now with GPS)

At a keynote speech today, Steve Jobs of Apple Computer announced a new version of the iPhone will be coming out, featuring various new features (including GPS), as well as a plastic (vs. brushed-metal) back. First generation iPhones will be allowed to upgrade to the new iPhones’ software for free; the upgrade is also being … Read more