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Samsung's Nook tablet

Microsoft, Barnes & Noble to split up; Nook continues its slide

It’s bad news in general lately for Barnes & Noble’s Nook property. Its tablet and digital media store haven’t fared well against the stiff competition of Amazon, Apple, Google, Kobo, and others, even with the demise of its one time chief rival bookstore chain Borders. While B&N entered a deal with Microsoft several years ago that saw the big Redmond company back Nook, it didn’t take off as well as hoped. Neither has B&N making a deal with Samsung to produce its current line of tablets (7″…

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Powell's Books

Alternatives to Amazon for buying digital and print books

Recently, much fuss has been made about Amazon’s aggressive moves toward a book publisher, Hachette. Long story short, negotiations between the two have broken down, with Amazon opting to use hardball tactics. Among other methods, Amazon’s delayed shipping of Hachette books, raised their prices, and is even refusing to sell certain books, sticking a “currently unavailable” tag on them. More details about all this are available in this New York Times article. While I suppose Amazon’s counting on its position as the “Wal-Mart” of the…

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Marvel to stop selling single-issue comics in bookstores

Marvel’s announced that they’ve stopped selling single-issue comics at Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=49951 I suppose I can’t blame Marvel for pulling singles from bookstores, though their trade paperbacks will still be sold at such venues. While some suggest digital is the better alternative, I think the existing singles business model’s broken. Who (outside of enthusiasts) wants to pay $4 for a 22-page story that’s only one part of a multi-part storyline? The single-issue superhero comic as it currently stands is probably the least…

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Barnes & Noble’s Nook now has Google Play

The other day, the big US bookstore chain Barnes & Noble announced that their line of Nook tablets will now be allowed to access the Google Play app store. This access applies only to the current line of tablets (the HD or HD+), not their original Nook Color or Tablet models. One long-standing flaw of the Nook tablet is that until now, B&N didn’t allow the Nook access to Google Play, instead curating their own app store. Their own app store was limited in selection,…

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Adventures of Superman (digital)

Digital comics alternatives to Comixology

While Comixology’s come to become the dominant force for digital comics, is convenient, and has a nice enough app, it does have some flaws. For one, comic companies and creators seem to have rushed into handing things over to a digital near-monopoly after years of complaining about the physical monopoly distributor for comic shops, Diamond. For another, while Comixology is finally offering DRM-free purchases, only some smaller companies have taken them up on such so far. Amazon’s recent purchase of Comixology and its changes to in-app purchasing…

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DC Comics to sell same-day digital comics via Nook, Kindle, and Apple

Yesterday, DC Comics announced that they’ll start selling same-day digital comics through several non-Comixology sources. These sources include Barnes and Noble’s Nook store, Amazon.com’s Kindle service, and Apple’s iBookstore service. The comics will apparently be priced similarly to Comixology’s (i.e. the same as the paper copies). Details may be read here. I view this as a big step, plus a positive sign. Perhaps someone at DC’s realized that giving Comixology a complete monopoly on digital comics was a bad thing, or would put them in…

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Nook Color and Nook Tablet now have CBZ file support

Recently, I’ve discovered that the most recent update for the Nook Color and Nook Tablet has given the Nook built-in support for CBZ files. CBZ is a popular digital comic book format online—mostly found with smaller press or independent publications, public domain materials, and (yes, I know) pirated materials. CBZ is merely a renamed ZIP file containing sequentially numbered JPGs. A common companion format of CBZ is CBR (a renamed RAR file). Testing some CBZ files on my Nook Color shows it displays the comics…

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Tech thoughts: Barnes and Noble introduces the “Nook Tablet”

This week, Barnes and Noble (on the heels of the recent Kindle Fire news) has announced an update to its Nook Color tablet. The “Nook Tablet” will share most of the same features as the Color, but come with more tablet oriented software and features: 16GB internal storage, a MicroSD slot, and support for multimedia features such as Netflix. The price tag will be at $249; the old Nook Color will be discounted to $199. More info on the Nook Tablet is available in this…

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Nook Color finally gains Android 2.2 upgrade, Flash, the long-promised app store

Barnes and Noble today has released a major upgrade for the Nook Color. Not only has it been upgraded to Android 2.2, but it now comes with the long-promised Barnes and Noble app store. Flash has also been included in the upgrade. More information may be found here: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/news/2011/04/nook-color-gets-froyo-flash-facebook-and-angry-birds.ars While I’d imagine those of us who rooted our Nooks won’t be reverting back to a stock install just to run 2.2, I do think this is a good upgrade for the Nook. A slightly more…

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Anthony roots the Nook Color

After some thought, and seeing that Barnes and Noble seems to be dragging their feet on introducing their own app store for the Nook Color (as they promised to do months ago), I’ve decided to go ahead and root my Nook. The Nook Color’s been quite popular among tech enthusiasts, as it’s easy to root, and thus allows one to turn it into a cheap, mostly-full-fledged Android tablet. With the rooting, of course, comes access to the Android Market and its various apps (most of…

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