Minorities in cartoons: Oliver Wendell Jones

Oliver Wendell Jones

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is Oliver Wendell Jones, a character introduced in 1983 in Berkeley Breathed’s popular comic strip “Bloom County.” Similar to “FoxTrot”‘s Jason Fox, and unlike fellow African-American costar Ronald-Ann Smith, Oliver spent much of his time engaged in geeky or scientific pursuits. This was to the dismay of his parents, … Read more

Anthony’s miscellaneous comics picks for June 2013

Here’s what’s of interest from various comic companies for June 2013. IDW Full solicitations are available here. Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes TPB, on sale June 12, $20 Popeye Classics, vol. 2, on sale June 12, $30 Berkeleyworks: The Art of Berkeley Breathed—From Bloom County and Beyond, on sale June 25, $60 Boom Studios N/A (as … Read more

Minorities in cartoons: Ronald-Ann Smith


This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is Ronald-Ann Smith, a recurring character in Berkeley Breathed’s comic strips “Bloom County” and “Outland.” Ronald-Ann (named after then-President Ronald Reagan) is a grade-school aged African-American girl with a highly optimistic view of the world. This comes in spite of her impoverished environment (the strip says she’s from the … Read more