Minorities in cartoons: Ronald-Ann Smith


This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is Ronald-Ann Smith, a recurring character in Berkeley Breathed’s comic strips “Bloom County” and “Outland.” Ronald-Ann (named after then-President Ronald Reagan) is a grade-school aged African-American girl with a highly optimistic view of the world. This comes in spite of her impoverished environment (the strip says she’s from the … Read more

Unions in animation and comics

I’m sure everyone’s been following the brouhaha here in Wisconsin between organized public-sector labor (which—in interest of disclosure—includes Yours Truly) and newly-elected Republican governor Scott Walker’s bill in the state legislature to eliminate collective bargaining for almost all public-sector unions. (One guess which side of this debate I’m on.) All of which has led me … Read more

AfterElton article on LGBT characters in comic strips

AfterElton, a website dedicated to covering LGBT people in various media, published an article today about gay and lesbian characters in comic strips today, or rather, their lack of such representation. Lawrence of “For Better or For Worse,” despite being at best a secondary character in the strip, was heavily cited as one of the … Read more