Anthony’s picks for Archie Comics for June 2011

Here’s what I’m interested in for Archie for June 2011. As usual, the two dates are in order of comic shop and newsstand availability: Comics I’m buying: Archie & Friends #156, on sale June 15/June 21, $3 Betty & Veronica Double Digest #192, on sale July 6/July 12, $4 Kevin Keller #1 (Veronica #207), … Read more

Anthony’s picks for Marvel Comics for June 2011

Here’s my choices for what Marvel’s putting out for June 2011: Comics I’ll be buying: Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #15, $3 Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #15, $3 Comics I might buy: Human Torch & Hulk: From the Marvel Vault #1, $4 Hulk-Sized Mini-Hulks #1, $3 Comments: Lots of Thor and Captain America this month, per … Read more

GLAAD awards this year’s “outstanding comic” to “X-Factor”

LGBT media watchdog group GLAAD’s announced its winners in this year’s award show. For the category of “outstanding comic,” the winner this year is Peter David’s “X-Factor,” one of the (875) monthly X-Men-related titles. I was hoping for “Veronica” to win, given it’s broken ground by being a comic mainly aimed at children/preteens with a … Read more

2011 C2E2: Saturday

Today was the biggest and longest day for C2E2. As such, I kept quite busy through the day. While I did try to keep the Twitter feed updated on my doings, unfortunately my phone’s battery died/came close to dying twice today (and I wasn’t able to recharge it for hours). The downsides of a first-generation … Read more

2011 C2E2: Friday

After weeks of anticipation, I’m finally in Chicago for this year’s C2E2 comic convention. Today’s experience at the comic convention found a few changes from last year’s show: the convention’s been moved to a different part of McCormick Place, with the main difference being there’s now a dedicated food court inside the convention hall. Food … Read more

Two days until C2E2: fan-made promos

Only two days left until I depart for Chicago and C2E2. Yes, I’ll be posting photos, blog thoughts, and Twitter remarks on the whole thing… enough material to keep me going on blog topics for, well, several days at least! Before I depart, I thought I’d post one or two of the ads made to … Read more

Anthony roots the Nook Color

After some thought, and seeing that Barnes and Noble seems to be dragging their feet on introducing their own app store for the Nook Color (as they promised to do months ago), I’ve decided to go ahead and root my Nook. The Nook Color’s been quite popular among tech enthusiasts, as it’s easy to root, … Read more

2011 C2E2 panels of interest

This year’s C2E2 is only a few weeks away, but I’m already looking over my travel plans and the schedule of panels for the show. As for when I’ll be there, I’m attending Friday and Saturday only; Sunday morning, I’ll be heading back to Milwaukee. After seeing how much slower Sunday was last year, plus … Read more

RIP Dwayne McDuffie

I and the rest of the comics/animation enthusiast world was surprised today by the news that Dwayne McDuffie has died, due to complications from a surgical procedure. Comic Book Resources has this nice summary of McDuffie’s career. I was introduced to McDuffie’s work through reading the Milestone Comics line of characters when I was in … Read more

Comic review: Tiny Titans #37

Tiny Titans #37 Written by: Art Baltazar and Franco Art by: Art Baltazar This month’s issue features the “Shazam Family” (or “(Captain) Marvel Family” of course, if it weren’t for Marvel Comics trademarking the use of “Marvel” on a comic book cover). The overall story features Mr. Talky Tawny, the talking tiger, serving as a … Read more