My favorite comic readers by operating system

Simple Comic

Given my cross-platform and multiple operating system device usage, I have a fair amount of interest in software that’s compatible across multiple “eco-systems,” or “walled gardens” if you prefer. When this isn’t possible, I’ll just use the best native software available for each device. With that in mind, here’s a look at the best software … Read more

Archie joins Comixology’s DRM-free publishers

Archie #664

It looks like Archie Comics is the latest major publisher to become DRM-free on Comixology. I say “latest” since this change happened back in October, but has gone largely little-publicized outside of Comixology’s own Tumblr page. (Smaller publisher “Alternative Comics” is also now DRM-free.) Comixology’s site also doesn’t list Archie in the list of DRM-free publishers, … Read more

Over a dozen comic companies go DRM-free on Comixology

Rocky and Bullwinkle #1 (of 4)

News came yesterday that a number of smaller comics publishers are, as of now, offering DRM-free “backup” copies of their books through Comixology. As Comic Book Resources reports, the companies going DRM-free include: IDW Publishing, Valiant Entertainment, Oni Press, Fantagraphics Books, Aspen Comics, Action Lab Entertainment, Th3rd World Studios, A Wave Blue World, Blind Ferret Entertainment, … Read more

Comixology finally allows DRM-free comics


In a move that’s been well overdue, Comixology announced today that it’s allowing downloads of DRM-free comics. For quite awhile, I and others online have disliked the heavily DRMed model of Comixology, which given its near-monopoly position and  that several publishers will only publish via Comixology makes the DRM particularly obnoxious. This is finally a welcome move. … Read more

Comixology removes in-app purchasing from iOS apps

Yesterday, with zero advance notice, came some big comic news: Amazon stated that Comixology will drop in-app purchases for iOS users, to avoid Apple’s 30% cut of all in-app sales on any iOS app. The Android version will still allow in-app purchases, but not through Google Play’s system; Google also takes a 30% cut of … Read more

My thoughts on Amazon’s purchase of Comixology

While there’d been rumors over the past few weeks, earlier today came the still-surprising news that the rumors were correct: Amazon will be purchasing Comixology, the dominant digital comics vendor. This allows Amazon to jump from being one of Comixology’s lesser competitors to one of the most prominent names in digital comics. Although I’ve been … Read more

Comixology password breach reported

Earlier today, digital comics vendor Comixology reported a security breach, as reported by TechCrunch (and everyone else by now). While payment and password information is secure, Comixology is requiring a reset of passwords. I’d suggest resetting your password now, if you haven’t yet done so (and to choose a unique password, of course). There’s little … Read more

Image Comics now offers DRM-free digital comics

Earlier today at Image Comics‘ “Image Expo” convention, the creator-friendly comic company made a big announcement: starting today, all of its comics will be sold via its website as DRM-free digital comics. While one can still buy Image’s books via Comixology, etc., there’s now the option of buying the books directly from Image, and without … Read more

700 free Marvel Comics from Comixology, take two

Comixology’s “700 free Marvel #1’s” comic promotion brought its service to its knees some time ago, forcing them to bail out on the offer. The fiasco also pointed out the flaws in Comixology’s DRM/cloud-based model. (This would’ve been one situation where torrenting would actually have a legit/useful purpose…) Now they’re trying the offer again, in … Read more

Comixology crashes, or why a single dominant digital comics vendor is a bad idea

The big comics story this week so far has been Comixology, the popular (and dominant) digital comics vendor, being inaccessible for most of the past few days. To summarize: Marvel made an offer for 700(!) free first issues of various comics via Comixology. The offer was supposed to have run starting Sunday through the next … Read more