Minorities in cartoons: Lobo

Lobo #2

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is Lobo. No, not the more familiar DC Comics alien bounty hunter, but a Western hero published by Dell during the 1960s. Lobo’s significance is being comics’ first recurring African-American character to headline his own comic book series. While there are preceding comics starring Black characters, they tended to … Read more

More new laptop stuff, plus Ubuntu 9.04 (AMD64)

Updating my previous post on my new laptop: after noticing the default Ubuntu 8.10 install didn’t recognize all 4GB of RAM, I decided to upgrade to Ubuntu 9.04’s 64-bit version (8.10 and 8.04 ‘s 64-bit versions failed to work properly when trying out the live CDs: they both hard-froze when I tried to play any … Read more

New computer: an HP laptop

After looking for weeks at various models, I’ve finally bought a new computer, a 15.6″ Hewlett-Packard laptop (model dvp-1230us, bought on sale at Office Depot): Amazon.com: HP Pavilion DV6-1230US 15.6-Inch Entertainment Laptop: Electronics While it came with Vista, I wiped the default install and installed Ubuntu 8.10 over it. However, since it has 4GB of … Read more

New acquisition: a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop computer

Photo from itBox24 (though originally from a Dell ad…). As of several days ago, I became the proud owner of a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop computer, running with 2GB of RAM, a 160GB hard drive, a Pentium dual-core processor (at 1.86Ghz), and wifi. No webcam or built-in microphone, battery life so-so (2.5 hours on average, … Read more

Dude, you’ve got a Dell… with Ubuntu!

Apparently Dell plans to start offering models with Ubuntu Linux preinstalled… While great news for Linux (a major computer vendor offering a popular Linux version preinstalled, which might make compatibility issues smoother in the future), it almost makes me wish I’d waited a few more months before buying my current Dell—an n-series model with no … Read more

Anthony’s new computer

After much thought and listening to various remarks from others (ranging from “buy a Mac” to “build your own PC” to ” is a piece of junk”), I’ve finally decided to buy (and ordered yesterday morning)… a mid-range Dell. Specifically, the Dell Dimension E521 without Windows preinstalled (from their operating system-less “n-series” line). Specifications on … Read more