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Barbie struggles with programming; the stars of “Frozen” promote coding

Making the rounds online are complaints about a Barbie book for girls that supposedly promotes girls becoming interested in programming, but comes off instead as patronizing. In “Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer,” Barbie tries to come up with game ideas, but it’s male characters that end up doing most of the computer-related work. Meanwhile, Barbie ends up getting a virus on her and her younger sister Skipper’s PCs. While the book was written only a few years ago, it still goes against current attempts to…

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The Princess and the Frog

Minorities in cartoons: “The Princess and the Frog”

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog.” Released in 2009, “Princess” was Disney’s first feature-length theatrical animated film (and first “Princess” film) with an African-American star. Based on the old fairy tale “The Frog Prince,” the film’s plot centers around Tiana, a young woman living in 1920s New Orleans whose dream is opening her own restaurant. Not being wealthy (far from it), she’s working hard at a restaurant to try to raise funds to open her own eatery. Meanwhile, Prince Naveen, a…

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Minorities in cartoons: “Fillmore!”

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is the Saturday morning series “Fillmore!” Airing on ABC from 2002 to 2004, the series was produced by Disney. “Fillmore!” focused on its titular character Cornelius Fillmore, a bald 12-year-old African-American kid who was once a juvenile delinquent. Caught planning to steal a shipment of chalk from his school (“X Middle School,” supposedly located in the Twin Cities per Wikipedia), the school’s safety patrol gave him a choice: help solve a case or spend the rest of middle school in detention. Fillmore…

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Anthony’s miscellaneous comics picks for July 2014

Here’s what’s of interest from various comic companies for July. IDW Full solicitations are available here. Cartoon Network: Super Secret Crisis War! #2 (of 6), $4 Comic strip compilations Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse: “Outwits the Phantom Blot,” vol. 5, on sale July 5, $35 Charlie Brown: POW! A Peanuts collection, on sale July 1, $10 Comments A bit sparse this month, I know… The Mickey Mouse comic strip volume this month includes what’s probably its most famous storyline, the debut of longtime Mickey foe the…

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Chip ‘n Dale are getting a live action/CGI feature film

Interesting news, Disney fans. Disney characters Chip and Dale are getting their own live action/CGI feature film. The film will apparently be based on the late 1980s animated series “Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers,” which saw the two chipmunks join forces with several others to form an animal detective/rescue agency. More details on this news may be seen at Cartoon Brew and The Mary Sue. Chip and Dale have been Disney mainstays since their debut in 1943. Their classic theatrical shorts saw them mostly fighting…

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Star Wars comics (still) coming to Marvel in 2015

I don’t know why this is being treated as “surprising” news, since it was announced a year ago, but since it’s in the news again, here’s the article about it: Star Wars comics going to Marvel in 2015 – Newsarama I’m still wondering what if anything Marvel/Disney plans to do about the current (non-existent) state of Disney humor comics in the United States, given they went out of their way to kill Boom Studios’ Disney titles. Seems pointless to cancel said books off just so…

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Minorities in cartoons: “Handy Manny”

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is “Handy Manny.” “Manny” is a CGI animated series that debuted in 2006, and airs (in the United States) on Disney Junior. It previously was seen on Disney Channel’s former preschool block, Playhouse Disney. The series revolves around Manny Garcia, a handyman who lives in the town of Sheetrock Hills. As a handyman, Manny’s seen in each episode repairing or building various items for the town’s populace. Unlike the Maytag Repairman, Manny’s services are in high demand. Also unlike…

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Minorities in cartoons: “Teamo Supremo”

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is the 2002 Disney-produced cartoon “Teamo Supremo.” “Teamo Supremo” features the adventures of three kids who fight crime as superheroes. The series came out during the height of popularity of Cartoon Network’s “The PowerPuff Girls,” and thus came off to some as an attempt to cash in on the PowerPuff Girls’ popularity. (A similar simplified animation style might not’ve helped that impression). Unlike Townsville’s heroes, however, Teamo consists of three non-superpowered crime fighters, using various gadgets: Captain Crandall: Real…

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“Finding Nemo” sequel “Finding Dory” to be released in November 2015

It was announced earlier today that we’ll be getting yet another Pixar movie sequel, this one to their 2003 hit “Finding Nemo.” Titled “Finding Dory,” the film will focus on Dory, the absent-minded blue fish voiced by Ellen DeGeneres. The sequel’s expected to be released at Thanksgiving in 2015. More details here: The Mary Sue on “Finding Dory” While I enjoyed “Finding Nemo,” I wondered (as did Ellen, with her amusing “Toy Story 16″ crack) why a sequel to “Nemo” didn’t come sooner. “Nemo” is…

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Minorities in cartoons: “Doc McStuffins”

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is “Doc McStuffins,” the lead character of an eponymously named series on Disney Junior (in the US). Disney Junior is a recently-started cable channel aimed at preschoolers, with both original shows and the former “Playhouse Disney” block from the Disney Channel’s morning lineup. The show centers around a six-year-old girl named Dottie McStuffins (nicknamed “Doc” by everyone), who like other little kids likes to play doctor to her stuffed animals. Unlike other kids, Doc has a magic stethoscope that…

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