Anthony’s recommended independent comics

Lumberjanes #26

Here’s a list of my recommended non-Big Two (i.e., not Marvel or DC) independent comics. I’ll try to favor trade paperbacks/graphic novels where possible. Archie Life With Archie. This series featured the Riverdale gang as adults in their 20s, where they’ve finally moved on from their eternal adolescence and forced to adjust as a result. Kevin … Read more

Which characters can appear in Marvel movies?

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Marvel’s movie rights have been quite fractured for some years now. While they’ve done fine with their secondary characters like Captain America and Iron Man, not having the X-Men or Spider-Man fully on board still annoys some fans. But exactly which studios own what Marvel comic properties? The infographic below (made by The Geek Twins) … Read more

Basketball in cartoons

Harlem Globetrotters

1996’s “Space Jam” has, despite its mixed reception by animation fans, gone on to become the most prominent animated (mixed with live-action) production centering around basketball. It’s prominent enough that Warner Bros. even plans to produce a sequel. But what other cartoons referencing basketball have been made? Here’s a list of some noteworthy references to basketball … Read more

Educational cartoons about money

US currency

Money’s a fundamental driving point of many cartoons, from supervillains robbing banks to characters worrying about their livelihoods. However, some educational fare over the years has been used to tutor and inform the public about economics. This has ranged from the importance of paying taxes to entire countries’ currency undergoing a fundamental change. Here’s a look at some … Read more

The bare necessities of Disney’s “Jungle Book” spinoffs

Mowgli and Baloo

This month, Disney’s releasing a live-action semi-remake of its classic 1967 animated film “The Jungle Book.” The final film Walt Disney himself worked on before his death, it’s gone on to become one of the all-time Disney classics. Especially so its two most famous songs, “The Bare Necessities” and “I Wanna Be Like You.” Over … Read more

“DuckTales” reboot still coming to Disney XD in 2017

It looks like news about the previously announced “DuckTales” revival is coming along faster than expected. Last week, Disney released this publicity shot of the new series: This answers a few questions. It will be a 2D animated series, not CGI. The artwork has a bit of a resemblance to the current series of (well done) Mickey Mouse … Read more

Cartoons that should’ve entered public domain in 2016 (but didn’t)

Much has been written about how various books, music, films, and so forth have been withheld from entering the public domain. This is due to corporate lobbying of Congress to extend the lengths of copyright retroactively. The main proponent of this has been Disney, in order to protect their cash cow Mickey Mouse. Since said … Read more