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Sam Wilson as Captain America

Why diversity among A-listers matters: the new Thor and Captain America

Much has been written about this by everyone else over the past week, but I guess I’m obligated to chime in as well. Marvel’s announced plans to replace Captain America and Thor. For Thor, a woman will be assuming the role of the Mighty One after Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) rejects him as being “unworthy” of the role. For Captain America, Steve Rogers is forced to retire after his Super Soldier Serum’s somehow removed, causing him to age into an elderly man. Cap’s replacement: the Falcon¬†(aka…

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Diversity issues and Black writers at Marvel and DC

Recently, there’s been much discussion online about the diversity problems facing the “mainstream” (read: DC and Marvel) comic industry. Particularly for African-Americans, the odds of working for DC or Marvel at all are apparently nearly nil. Out of their 70+-year-long histories, Marvel and DC have hired only about two dozen writers for an ongoing series (“ongoing” defined as two or more issues), per this Google Docs spreadsheet. Among reasons for a lack of diversity at the “Big Two” I’ve seen cited: the limited-circle nature of…

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Thoughts on DC Comics’ “racial regressing”

This article’s been making the Internet rounds lately; it focuses on the recent DC Comics trend of restoring their Silver Age heroes to their roles, replacing their newer but more ethnically diverse modern counterparts:http://www.comicsalliance.com/2010/05/06/the-racial-politics-of-regressive-storytelling/ Not sure how much input I have, given my tastes often are either at odds with whatever’s currently popular or seem a bit old-fashioned/eclectic/”odd,” as well as that I’ve long since given up on mainstream universe-set DC Comics. But here goes anyway… As an African-American comics reader, I agree with others…

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