Google revises Google Play Music, now has free streaming tier

Google Play Music

Google today unveiled a revised version of Google Play Music. Besides dropping the awkward “All Access” name (which was about time), Google Play Music now offers users of its free service streaming audio of various “stations,” just like its $10/month service. Unlike paying customers, the streaming service comes with only six song skips per station … Read more

Google Photos now a standalone service

Google Photos

Google’s been promising for awhile to separate its popular Google+ Photos service from its less-popular Google+ social network. Today, at its I/O developer conference, Google’s made good on its promise: as of today, Google Photos is a stand-alone service. The revamped web service is now online, while updated apps for Android and iOS are also … Read more

How to make a stab at blocking referrer spam in Google Analytics

Referrer spam is a newer type of spam affecting those using Google Analytics to track site statistics. Very generally speaking, it’s traffic from bots that appear in your analytics figures with fake referrer URLs that’re just spam-related sites. The idea of such is to get you to visit the spammer’s site out of curiosity. Some types of … Read more

Saying “Shazam” will finally do something in real life (on Android)

Marvel Family

Just like Billy Batson, saying “Shazam!” will finally let you see something happen in real life. Unfortunately, it’s not turning you into the World’s Mightiest Mortal, but rather, it does tie into an expansion of Android’s features. For awhile now, Google’s “OK Google” voice command’s let you do stuff within Android’s core services. Now, it’s being … Read more

Chrome will be supported for Windows XP until the end of 2015

Google Chrome logo

Google’s announced it plans to support the Chrome web browser for Windows XP until the end of 2015: Google to support Chrome for Windows XP until the end of 2015. Good news for the people who’re stuck using Windows XP computers, despite Microsoft having ended support for the operating system. Post-2015, the Engadget article notes Firefox … Read more

The newest Chrome OS family product: the Chromebit


Google’s announced the latest product to join the Chrome OS family. Along with the Chromebook, Chromebox, Chromebase, and Chromecast now comes the Chromebit. The Chromebit, manufactured by Asus, is a dongle the size of a Roku Streaming Stick, but contains the basics of a Chrome OS computer: 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, Bluetooth, and a … Read more

Google+ Photos now available through Google Drive

Google+ screenshot

Google’s previously announced plans to break out its popular photo hosting/mobile photo backup service from its Google+ social media network. As such, Google’s now offering access to said photos from Google Drive accounts. Google’s also allowing the ability to automatically back up photos to Drive from mobile devices. The service seems to be slowly rolling out; I’ve yet to … Read more

Amazon to offer unlimited cloud storage for $60/year

The cloud storage competition wars continue. The latest salvo: Amazon’s now offering unlimited online storage (via its Cloud Drive service) for $60/year. The company’s also offering for $12/year a service that allows one to store unlimited photos, plus 5GB of storage for other documents. Previously, the latter plan was available for free for Amazon Prime customers, but … Read more

Google launches Google Store, new Chromebook Pixel

Google Store

Launching today is Google Store, a stand-alone online store specifically devoted to selling Google’s hardware products. Chromecasts, Chromebooks, Nexus phones, the Nest thermostat—they’re all here, and (for now) available with free shipping. This move’s a good one on Google’s part. It seems odd that their hardware products they’ve wanted to emphasize have until now been … Read more

Google Play Music now allows users to upload up to 50,000 songs

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is Google’s music store and player for the web and Android devices. One perk of Google Play Music is that users can upload their music collection to their Play Music account for free. Songs are matched to existing songs on Google Play; if a match isn’t made, the file gets uploaded. The songs are … Read more