Favorite tech Twitter accounts


As a followup to my post on my favorite comic and animation Twitter accounts, here’s a post listing my favorite tech related Twitter accounts. General The Digital Reader (https://twitter.com/inkbitspixels). A blog that largely focuses on ebooks and digital media issues. Flickr (https://twitter.com/Flickr). The popular photo-hosting website. Creative Commons (https://twitter.com/creativecommons). Engadget (https://twitter.com/engadget). A popular tech news … Read more

Alternatives to Google’s services (Fall 2015)

Google sign

I wrote a post several years ago about alternatives to Google’s various services. While I’m still a user of a fair number of Google services, which ones I use have changed since then. That’s between needing new services (such as Google Analytics) or ones I was using being abruptly shuttered (such as Google Reader, which I enjoyed). Therefore, … Read more

Chrome OS to be merged with Android

Chromebook screenshot 4

On Thursday, it was reported (initially by the Wall Street Journal) that Google plans to fold Chrome OS into its Android operating system. The goal is to create a new Android-based operating system for its present line of Chromebooks as well as for smartphones and tablets. The Chromebook line will also be renamed; its new name … Read more

Google launches non-free “YouTube Red” service


On October 28, Google is replacing “YouTube Music Key” with the formal launch of YouTube Red, a subscription service for YouTube. At $10/month, subscribers will get an ad-free experience. They’ll also get other features, including exclusive access to videos specifically produced for YouTube Red (using “top YouTube creators”), as well as Google Play Music subscription access. … Read more

Lollipop is on 23.5% of Android devices

Android Marshmallow

The newest version of Android, “Marshmallow” (6.0), has just been released for Android devices. But what about the previous versions of Android? From Android’s developers’ page, here’s a breakdown of the usage of previous versions of the mobile device OS. Lollipop, the most recent version of Android, has only a 23.5% device share. The most popular version of … Read more

Google now owns the alphabet… dot com

Dinosaurs A to Z

Recently, Google reorganized itself, creating a new parent company for its various operations. The parent company’s name is the odd choice of “Alphabet.” It’s been noted by myself and others that Alphabet was forced to buy a few less-than-obvious URLs such as abc.xyz, since the better alphabet-themed URLs are largely taken. Now comes news Alphabet’s decided to … Read more

Google announces new Chromecasts, Pixel tablet

Pixel C, Chromecast, Nexus

Earlier this week, Google announced a variety of new devices and services. Here’s my two cents on all the new Google stuff. Chromecasts: Now with audio Google’s released an updated version of the Chromecast. Besides various software (and WiFi hardware) updates, the new Chromecasts will also come in a choice of colors: black, “coral” (red), and “lemonade” (yellow). … Read more

Google’s next Android version will be named “Marshmallow”

Android Marshmallow

Google’s announced that version 6.0 of its Android mobile operating system will be named “Marshmallow.” For years, Google has named its Android versions mainly after various snack foods, all in alphabetical order: Alpha Beta Cupcake Donut Eclair Froyo Gingerbread Honeycomb Ice Cream Sandwich Jelly Bean KitKat Lollipop Marshmallow The news came with the release of … Read more

Google to name its newly-created parent company “Alphabet”

Dinosaurs A to Z

Google announced today that in the name of an organizational effort, it’s putting its various businesses, including Google, Inc. itself, under a new parent company. The parent company’s name? “Alphabet.” The idea is to spin off the businesses not related to Google’s core/primary focuses under a broader corporate umbrella. Google’s stock will keep its current New … Read more