Apple announces next version of OS X, Apple Music streaming service

El Capitan

On Monday, Apple held its World Wide Developers’ Conference (WWDC), where it announced an assortment of new software features. While there’s more details here, I thought I’d throw in my two cents below on the most interesting highlights. The next version of OS X: El Capitan The next version of OS X, OS X 10.11, … Read more

My favorite comic readers by operating system

Simple Comic

Given my cross-platform and multiple operating system device usage, I have a fair amount of interest in software that’s compatible across multiple “eco-systems,” or “walled gardens” if you prefer. When this isn’t possible, I’ll just use the best native software available for each device. With that in mind, here’s a look at the best software … Read more

Comixology removes in-app purchasing from iOS apps

Yesterday, with zero advance notice, came some big comic news: Amazon stated that Comixology will drop in-app purchases for iOS users, to avoid Apple’s 30% cut of all in-app sales on any iOS app. The Android version will still allow in-app purchases, but not through Google Play’s system; Google also takes a 30% cut of … Read more

Blu-ray vs. digital media stores: which option’s better for multiple mixed-OS devices?

Lately, I’ve been considering going to high definition for future movie and TV show purchases. Between the direction things are moving, my owning an HDTV set, and that the HD version of “Wreck-It Ralph” I’ve seen looks a lot better than my DVD version does, I figure it’s time to make the move. But what … Read more

Apple’s big tech news: revamps for the Mac Pro and iOS 7, announcement of OS X “Maverick”

This week, Apple announced a slew of new product information. While multiple tech sites have covered everything in detail, I thought I’d give my reactions toward the bigger news points announced, though more thorough reactions won’t come until I can see the products in person. iOS 7 iOS is getting a big revamp for version … Read more

GoComics app now available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone devices

As reported by Engadget, Universal Uclick’s released a comics viewing app for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone based devices. Universal Uclick is a national syndicate formed by a merger a few years ago of online site Uclick and traditional newspaper comic strip syndicate Universal Press Syndicate. While Universal’s comics have been available for years for … Read more

TweetDeck gets decked: Twitter ends support for iOS, Android, and AIR versions

Twitter, owners (since 2011) of the long-standing TweetDeck Twitter client software, has announced it’s shutting down the iOS, Android, and Adobe AIR versions of its client. The mass purge in support platforms is being done so TweetDeck can shift to primarily being a web-based (and Chrome-browser-based) service, though the Mac and Windows clients will continue … Read more

Five years of the iPhone (and the modern smartphone era)

This week marked the fifth anniversary of the original iPhone coming onto the market. Yes, there’s much being written about this anniversary, and how much it’s changed both Apple and our lives overall. For Apple, the iPhone quickly became their top-selling device, pushed Apple into becoming one of the US’ most valuable companies, lessened the … Read more

Tech thoughts, early edition: Apple’s iPhone 4S/iOS 5 news (and other tidbits)

On Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook gave Apple’s first post-Steve Jobs keynote address, announcing the new updates for Apple’s portable media/mobile phone products. However, the announcements were less than exciting, being mostly incremental upgrades and some emphasis on the new cloud-based features. A full summary of today’s announcements are on Engadget. My observations: The iPhone … Read more

DC’s new digital comics store and the state of digital comics

Much like the current eBook trend, there’s also a trend toward offering digital versions of comic books. On the heels of Marvel’s similar service, DC Comics has opened a new digital comics store via digital comics service Comixology (who also run similar stores for most of the other major comic companies—Dark Horse, Archie, etc.): … Read more