“Life With Kevin,” reboot of “Betty & Veronica” coming soon

Life With Kevin

After going for awhile without hearing much new Archie comic-related news, two comics announcements were made on Tuesday. “Life With Kevin” to debut in June Kevin Keller‘s finally getting his long-promised series, scheduled to start in June as (for now) a four-issue miniseries, set in the traditionally done Archie setting. The series (written and drawn by Dan … Read more

Jughead Jones revealed to be asexual

Jughead #1

This week’s issue of the rebooted “Jughead” comic (“Jughead” #4) makes a pretty big revelation (or depending on point of view, confirmation) about its star, Forsythe Pendleton Jones III, as shown in the panel below. As written and drawn by Chip Zdarsky (of “Sex Criminals”) and Erica Henderson (of “Squirrel Girl”) a conversation between Jughead and Kevin … Read more

The best of minorities in cartoons: Talk shows

Dave Stevens and Tina Ames

With David Letterman’s final talk show this week, I thought I’d list a few examples of favorite characters who’ve made appearances on (in-universe) talk shows of some sort… Cleveland Brown Cleveland created his own talk show on an episode of “The Cleveland Show.” Cyberchase Jackie, Inez, and Matt all have appeared on a cyberspace talk … Read more

The Archie Kickstarter campaign’s been cancelled

Archie #1

Archie has cancelled its Kickstarter campaign that was launched earlier this week. Said campaign had brought about much discussion among the comics crowd online, mostly over whether or not it was appropriate for such a long-lived, sizable comic publisher to turn to Kickstarter. Either way, as Archie CEO Jon Goldwater noted, much of the talk … Read more

Archie’s expanding its reboot with the help of…Kickstarter?

Archie #1

Archie announced today that it plans to expand upon its upcoming reboot of “Archie” with new titles for “Jughead” and “Betty and Veronica” set in the same universe. There’ll also be a new book starring Kevin Keller, “Life With Kevin,” that’s set in his early 20s and on his own in a new city. “Life … Read more

Lesson learned from Archie this week: “bullying is bad, unless they’re your pal?”

Moose and Archie

This week, I bought the newest (and long-delayed) issue of “Kevin Keller“, which shows our openly gay teen hero being heralded in-story for standing up to a mugger, and later stopping a pair of bullies from harassing a kid. Like other Kevin Keller stories, the message is clearly that bullying’s a bad thing. Then I … Read more

Archie banned in Singapore over gay marriage storyline

Life With Archie #16

One Million Moms isn’t the only entity whose ire Archie has raised with the storyline where the adult Kevin Keller gets married. It looks like they’ve also ticked off the country of Singapore, or at least its censors, per this Comics Alliance article: Singapore Bans Archie’s Kevin Keller Gay Marriage Comic. I’m pretty sure they felt … Read more