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Minorities in cartoons: “Unshelved”

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is the webcomic “Unshelved.” The strip’s written by Gene Ambaum and drawn by Bill Barnes, and debuted in 2002. “Unshelved” features the daily goings-on at the “Mallville Public Library” and its staff of librarians. (Wikipedia claims the library’s name is a play on “Smallville” of Superman fame.) The strip makes fun of various aspects of life at a public library; besides writing “Unshelved,” Ambaum also works as a librarian himself. The main characters deal with both each other and with the library’s patrons. Among…

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Wallace Wells

Minorities in cartoons: Wallace Wells

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is Wallace Wells, a supporting character in the comic series (and movie) “Scott Pilgrim.” Wallace was created by Bryan Lee O’Malley. “Scott Pilgrim” focuses on its eponymous character’s slacker-ish life in Toronto, and his attempt to win over Ramona, an American who’s moved to Toronto. To win her over, Scott’s forced to fight and defeat her multitude of “evil exes,” people Ramona used to date. The world the books take place in plays fast and loose with the laws…

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Alysia Yeoh

Minorities in cartoons: Alysia Yeoh

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is Alysia Yeoh, a supporting character to Barbara Gordon (Batgirl). Alysia first appeared in “Batgirl” (vol. 4) #1 in November 2011. Alysia was created by writer Gail Simone and artist Ardian Syaf. Alysia’s backstory states she moved to the United States from Singapore, and settled into Gotham City. There, Alysia works as a bartender, while also engaged as a painter and an activist (she’s against Bruce Wayne’s gentrification practices). Eventually, Alysia advertises for a new roommate, and finds one—Barbara Gordon. Barbara…

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Clay Walker and Kevin Keller's wedding

Minorities in cartoons: Clay Walker

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is Clay Walker, a character in Archie Comics. (SPOILERS aplenty about the “Life With Archie” series below…) Clay exists in Archie’s “Life With Archie” series, which has just concluded as of this writing. The series presented the Archie gang as twentysomethings. Each issue featured two different alternate futures: one in which Archie married Betty, another where Archie married Veronica. Both futures had similar events. For instance, both futures saw Moose finally dumped by Midge due to his violent temper, which…

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Life With Archie #16

Archie banned in Singapore over gay marriage storyline

One Million Moms isn’t the only entity whose ire Archie has raised with the storyline where the adult Kevin Keller gets married. It looks like they’ve also ticked off the country of Singapore, or at least its censors, per this Comics Alliance article: Singapore Bans Archie’s Kevin Keller Gay Marriage Comic. I’m pretty sure they felt the story fell under “deviant sexual practices” and “alternative lifestyles,” per the article’s listing of their censorship board’s rules. Singapore’s been recently debating censorship of media, one of the various…

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Minorities in cartoons: Jason (“Love and Capes”)

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is Jason, a supporting character in the comic series “Love and Capes” by Thom Zahler. Jason’s first appearance is in “Love and Capes” (first series) #8 in 2008. Jason is an employee at the bookstore owned by Abby; he was hired to replace the then-departed Charlotte, Abby’s sister and former employee. A film school student, Jason’s previous job was at a video rental store, where he didn’t manage to save much money due to buying too many DVDs. Unlike…

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Anthony’s Archie Comics picks for July 2014

Here’s what’s of interest from Archie for July 2014. Full solicitations are available here. Comics Archie #658, on sale July 30, $3 Betty and Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #225, on sale July 23, $7 Jughead and Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #5, on sale Aug. 13, $7 Kevin Keller #15, on sale July 15, $3 (Final issue) Life With Archie #36, on sale July 23, $10 (Final issue) Trade paperbacks The Death of Archie, on sale Aug. 6, $15 Comments As I’ve noted earlier, Kevin Keller’s…

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“Kevin Keller” to be cancelled in July

Yet another bit of cancellation news about a comic I’ve enjoyed: “Kevin Keller,” the comic about Archie’s openly gay character, will be cancelled in July with issue #15. Kevin’s creator and main writer/artist, Dan Parent, gave some remarks on Kevin’s history and Archie’s future plans for the character in an interview. I’m sorry to see Kevin’s title being axed, but I presume sales must’ve declined. Archie’s sales on their “floppy” comics have usually been much lower than those for their digests, which usually rival what…

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Minorities in cartoons: Thunder and Lightning

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is a double one this week: Thunder and Lightning, a pair of superheroine sisters who’re the daughters of superhero Black Lightning. Thunder Thunder (real name: Anissa Pierce) is the older of the Pierce siblings. Thunder possesses the ability of increasing her body’s mass while keeping her size the same, thus increasing her density. This allows her to become immovable and invulnerable, as well as generate shock waves by stomping her foot. Anissa promised her father she’d wait until she…

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Minorities in cartoons: “Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World”

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is “Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World.” “Rick & Steve” is an animated series about the misadventures of the show’s stars Rick and Steve, a gay thirtysomething couple, and their extremely dysfunctional group of friends. The series is set in the fictional town of “West Lahunga Beach” in California. (The town seems to resemble the most stereotypical aspects of various famous gay neighborhoods, including West Hollywood, California and San Francisco’s Castro.) As the bad-pun…

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