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Digg digs its own grave, sold off for parts

Today comes news that once-influential social network Digg is basically being sold off in parts to several entities: the Washington Post (Digg’s staff), professional social networking site LinkedIn (for Digg’s patents), and a company called Betaworks (for the domain name, data, and whatever else is left): Digg Sold To LinkedIn AND The Washington Post And Betaworks | TechCrunch While Digg made some dubious decisions, it still seems like quite a way to go out for what used to be a more noteworthy social network circa…

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Tech thoughts: LinkedIn privacy issues

This week, I learned that career-oriented social network LinkedIn has made a few questionable changes involving sharing of user information. Particularly, they’ve set up an “opt-out” sharing scheme with advertisers to link some user information to various ads. There’s more on this, including the less-than-straightforward way to opt out, here: http://brandimpact.wordpress.com/2011/08/10/a-box-you-want-to-uncheck-on-linkedin/ Seriously, not a good business strategy. I thought LinkedIn,¬†being a professional-oriented social network, would be more careful about things like this. This is more what I’d expect of the likes of Facebook. I’m not…

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