Minorities in cartoons: Jason (“Love and Capes”)

Jason and Charlotte, Love and Capes

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is Jason, a supporting character in the comic series “Love and Capes” by Thom Zahler. Jason’s first appearance is in “Love and Capes” (first series) #8 in 2008. Jason is an employee at the bookstore owned by Abby; he was hired to replace the then-departed Charlotte, Abby’s sister and … Read more

Comics I’ve been reading lately (June 2013)

I thought I’d post an update (from the February entry) on noteworthy comics I’ve been reading lately. While I’m still reading the same books from February, here’s a few others to add… DC digital comics While I bailed on the “New 52” a long time ago, I do still read DC’s non-canonical comics, including their … Read more

C2E2 2013 summary

I’ve finished attending yet another C2E2 comic-con in Chicago. Here’s a summary of my experiences at this year’s show: The line this year to get in was long as usual. For some reason, I didn’t see a ton of costumes while in line, though two guys near me were dressed as (in their words) “Batman … Read more

Anthony wins “Love and Capes” Twitter contest

As those of you who’ve followed me on Twitter might recall, I’ve won a Twitter contest held by “Love and Capes” cartoonist Thom Zahler. The prize? A free T-shirt featuring the comic’s stars, plus a drawing of one of the characters (Mark as the Crusader)! Thanks, Mr. Zahler… Here’s a shot of each: Despite having … Read more

The best and worst of 2012 in comics

Since it’s time for “end of 2012” lists aplenty, I thought I’d get in as well. And since everything seems to be couched in “best of”/”worst of” lists, I’ll go that route as well. So let’s start off with a look back at the best and the worst of comics over the past year. Best … Read more

Anthony’s miscellaneous comics picks for March 2013

Here’s what’s of interest from various comics companies for March 2013. IDW Full solicitations available here. Popeye #11, $4 Popeye TPB, vol. 2, $N/A Love and Capes: What to Expect TPB, $N/A Boom Studios Full solicitations available here. Garfield #11, $4 Garfield vol. 2 TPB, $14 Peanuts #7, $4 Comic strips None. Comments “Love and … Read more

Minorities in comics and animation: Darkblade (“Love and Capes”)


This week’s entry comes from the world of independent comics, though still involves the superhero genre. Darkblade (real name: Paul LaCroix) is an African-American superhero who appears in Thom Zahler’s “Love and Capes,” a “romantic comedy”-styled superhero series. Darkblade first appeared in “Love and Capes” #1. (Some SPOILERS below…) Darkblade acts as the series’ Batman-analogue, … Read more

Comic review: Love and Capes: Ever After #3

Love and Capes: Ever After #3 (of 5) Written by: Thom Zahler Art by: Thom Zahler In the third installment of this five-issue miniseries, we see Abby and Mark attend Abby’s high school reunion. Meanwhile, Amazonia, Darkblade and Charlotte all reconcile their current (and former) relationship and friendship statuses with each other. Another enjoyable issue. … Read more