Minorities in cartoons: Rocket

This week’s entry is Rocket, from Milestone Comics’ “Icon” title. Debuting in “Icon” #1, Rocket (real name Raquel Ervin) was created by Dwayne McDuffie and Mark D. Bright. Raquel grew up in an impoverished neighborhood of the fictional city of Dakota. As a teenager, while attempting a robbery with friends, she meets Augustus Freeman IV, … Continue reading “Minorities in cartoons: Rocket”

Minorities in comics and animation: Maddie Blaustein

This week’s entry is Maddie Blaustein, a voice actress who’s voiced various dubbed-for-English anime series. Her most well-known role was as the voice of Meowth for the various “Pokemon” incarnations up through the late 2000s. Blaustein also was a comic book writer, having written some stories for the Milestone Comics line. Blaustein was a transgender … Continue reading “Minorities in comics and animation: Maddie Blaustein”

RIP Dwayne McDuffie

I and the rest of the comics/animation enthusiast world was surprised today by the news that Dwayne McDuffie has died, due to complications from a surgical procedure. Comic Book Resources has this nice summary of McDuffie’s career. I was introduced to McDuffie’s work through reading the Milestone Comics line of characters when I was in … Continue reading “RIP Dwayne McDuffie”

Black animated and comic characters: Static

Continuing from the previous post about “Black superheroes with electrical-based powers,” we come to Static. Static (real name: Virgil Hawkins) was introduced in 1993 in “Static” #1, as part of the then-new Milestone Comics line, an imprint of DC Comics taking place in a world with a multicultural range of superheroes. Static’s origin: Virgil was … Continue reading “Black animated and comic characters: Static”

Anthony’s picks for DC Comics for August 2009

Yep, time for another round of “see what Anthony thinks is good from DC” for August 2009. What I’ll be buying:Nothing. What I might buy:– The Flash Chronicles, vol. 1 TPB, on sale Sept. 23, $15– Icon: A Hero’s Welcome TPB, on sale Sept. 30, $20 Comments:Wednesday Comics, the faux-Sunday comics section DC is offering, … Continue reading “Anthony’s picks for DC Comics for August 2009”