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Nexus 6

Google announces new Nexus devices and the newest version of Android, “Lollipop”

Today, Google announced (a day ahead of Apple’s own big new product news) several new products, as well as the newest version of Android, “Lollipop.” There’d been much debate over what the new Android OS name would be, including “licorice” or another licensed product (a la KitKat). Of course, now there’ll probably be various jokes about how “Lollipop sucks” or somesuch. Anyway, the new Nexus devices include: Nexus 6 The Nexus 6 is Google’s newest plain-Android smartphone, produced by Motorola. Unlike the previous few generations, including…

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Anthony looks for a new prepaid smartphone

As the subject line states, I’m looking to once again upgrade to a better smartphone. But first, a look back over my history with smartphones: Fall 2009: I bought my first-ever smartphone, a first-generation Palm Pre running WebOS. While things initially went well enough (despite wondering if going with WebOS over then-version-1.x-era Android was worth it), the phone eventually became a headache. Several months before the Sprint contract was up, I decided to just pay the $50 early termination fee and go with… Summer 2011:…

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