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Seattle skyline

My favorite sources of desktop wallpaper

Like everyone else, I’ve switched my desktop wallpaper away from the default ones included with my computers, though the included default ones with my Mac Mini/Chromebook do look nice. My computer wallpapers tend to be something cartoon related, city skylines, or something scenic. As for where I like to get wallpaper, some of the sites I’ve gotten such from include: WallpapersWide wallpaperswide.com WallpapersWide offers a large range of categories to choose from, including a large amount of superhero comic and animation related wallpaper. The site also…

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Twitter screenshot

A look at my social network usage (Summer 2014)

As everyone knows, social media networks dominate online life for most Internet users these days, with Facebook and Twitter the dominant ones. I thought I’d write up my feelings and experiences so far about the social networks I use. Most of the ones I use can be reached via the links section in the left sidebar. Facebook I held off on going with Facebook for quite awhile, well after it’d become the dominant name in social media. After finally signing up a few years back, Facebook’s main uses…

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10 pieces of tech I no longer use (and what’s replaced them)

For fun, here’s a list of ten pieces of technology that I once used, but are now obsolete for my purposes. I’ll also list why said tech is obsolete, and what’s replaced it. 1. Landline telephone Replaced by: cell phone Landline phones are something I grew up with, of course. Cell phones as a kid were something only owned by the very wealthy; see the 1987 movie “Wall Street” for an example. After college, I had a landline house phone (corded, then eventually cordless). My…

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Digg digs its own grave, sold off for parts

Today comes news that once-influential social network Digg is basically being sold off in parts to several entities: the Washington Post (Digg’s staff), professional social networking site LinkedIn (for Digg’s patents), and a company called Betaworks (for the domain name, data, and whatever else is left): Digg Sold To LinkedIn AND The Washington Post And Betaworks | TechCrunch While Digg made some dubious decisions, it still seems like quite a way to go out for what used to be a more noteworthy social network circa…

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