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A look at my social network usage (Summer 2014)

As everyone knows, social media networks dominate online life for most Internet users these days, with Facebook and Twitter the dominant ones. I thought I’d write up my feelings and experiences so far about the social networks I use. Most of the ones I use can be reached via the links section in the left sidebar. Facebook I held off on going with Facebook for quite awhile, well after it’d become the dominant name in social media. After finally signing up a few years back, Facebook’s main uses…

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10 pieces of tech I no longer use (and what’s replaced them)

For fun, here’s a list of ten pieces of technology that I once used, but are now obsolete for my purposes. I’ll also list why said tech is obsolete, and what’s replaced it. 1. Landline telephone Replaced by: cell phone Landline phones are something I grew up with, of course. Cell phones as a kid were something only owned by the very wealthy; see the 1987 movie “Wall Street” for an example. After college, I had a landline house phone (corded, then eventually cordless). My…

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Digg digs its own grave, sold off for parts

Today comes news that once-influential social network Digg is basically being sold off in parts to several entities: the Washington Post (Digg’s staff), professional social networking site LinkedIn (for Digg’s patents), and a company called Betaworks (for the domain name, data, and whatever else is left): Digg Sold To LinkedIn AND The Washington Post And Betaworks | TechCrunch While Digg made some dubious decisions, it still seems like quite a way to go out for what used to be a more noteworthy social network circa…

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