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“The Flintstones” to get the big-screen treatment (and *not* by Seth MacFarlane)

News came earlier this week that “The Flintstones” will be revived as a (presumably CGI) big-screen animated film. Unlike the earlier proposed “Flintstones” revival that would’ve been spearheaded by Seth MacFarlane of “Family Guy” fame (which fortunately fell through), this film will be co-produced by comedian Will Ferrell. No indication what the film will be like or what its plot will consist of, but it will be animated. This is presumably tied to the recent announcement of a revival of Warner Bros. Animation’s cinematic efforts,…

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“Brave,” “Paperman” win the 2013 animation Oscars

A bit late, but thought I’d note that this year’s Academy Award animation winners are: Animated Feature Film: “Brave” by Pixar. Animated Short Film: “Paperman” by Disney. Looks like I guessed right (as vague as my guesses were), and it’s a sweep for Disney this year. This year also marks a strong showing for women in animation, between “Brave” being Pixar’s first film with a female lead and “Paperman” produced by a woman named Kristina Reed. The low point of the evening, of course, was…

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Not an April Fools’ joke (unfortunately): Seth MacFarlane to reboot “The Flintstones” for Fox

What the headline says, folks… Seth MacFarlane of Fox’s non-Simpsons animated sitcom fame (Family Guy, American Dad, etc.) is rebooting the Flintstones; the new show will air on Fox: http://www.deadline.com/2011/05/yabba-dabba-doo-seth-macfarlane-finally-gets-go-ahead-to-reboot-the-flintstones/ My initial reaction to seeing one of my all-time favorite cartoons in the hands of someone behind awful dreck like “Family Guy”: *Ugh.* My somewhat-more-nuanced reaction: I’ve wondered how the modern Stone Age family could be updated for today’s world, or even if they *could* be updated. While they might be seen as too “old-fashioned”…

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