Android N to be named “Nougat”

Toy Android mascot

Google’s latest Android operating system, until now named “Android N” (version 7.0), now has an official dessert-themed name like all previous Android versions: “Android Nougat.” For some reason, Google opted to reveal this new name initially via Snapchat, not through Twitter or even their own Google+. For those of us who don’t use (or have never used) Snapchat, … Read more

Increasing price gap between iPhones, Android phones

Moto X

A study by venture capital firm KPCB on smartphone prices has shown that the price gap between the average iPhone and the average Android smartphone has grown since 2008. This is mainly from the prices on Android smartphones having dropped by half over the past eight years. The average Android smartphone price has dropped from $403 in … Read more

Basic tips on making a WordPress site mobile-friendly


Having a mobile-friendly website is now more important than ever with the dominance of smartphones. While Google’s algorithms for ranking websites changes often, what’s permanent is that website mobile support is taken into account. Mobile-friendly sites not only make usability on mobile devices easier, but it’s also a courteous gesture to your visitors. Unfortunately, there’s still too … Read more

Android or iOS are the only (popular) mobile OS choices

iPhone 6

A study by research firm Gartner has revealed that smartphone sales are still growing, though growth last year was the slowest since 2008. However, it’s also revealed that Android and iOS now dominate smartphone operating system marketspace, with a combined 98.4% market share. The current shares of smartphone operating systems are listed below: Smartphone OS 2015 market … Read more

A week with the Moto G (third generation) smartphone

Last weekend, I finally replaced my Nexus 4 smartphone with the third-generation Lenovo Moto G. While I enjoyed my Nexus 4, over the past year or so the number of problems has grown to be troublesome. The battery’s lifespan had greatly shortened; the 8GB of non-expandable space created a lot of problems (error messages, etc.); no LTE … Read more

Does Facebook’s Android app drain the phone battery?


The website BGR, The Guardian newspaper, and a Reddit user all have reported on Facebook’s Android app supposedly being a resource hog. According to these three sources, the social network’s app not only puts a drain on battery life, but also stresses other system resources. Said resource usage isn’t reflected in the phone’s statistics for … Read more

Phablets popular during 2015 holiday season

iPhone and iPad

Analytics firm Flurry Analytics took a look at what mobile devices were most popular during 2015’s holiday season, based on app usage and device activations. The most popular platform was iOS, with Apple devices making up 49% of all activations between December 19 and 25. As for what types of devices were the most popular, apparently phablets … Read more