Who are the top 10 wealthiest comic characters?

Recently, I wrote a post addressing some site’s infographic about whether Superman is actually richer than Batman, accounting for his Kryptonian artifacts (plus some other odd assumptions). Of course, it ignores the even bigger debate among comic fans: who is the wealthiest character? There’s been plenty of people debating or trying to calculate such. This … Continue reading “Who are the top 10 wealthiest comic characters?”

Anthony’s DC Comics picks for July 2016

Here’s a look at what’s coming out from DC Comics for July 2016. A full list of solicitations is available here. Comics New Super-Man #1, on sale July 13, $3 Action Comics #959, on sale July 13, $3 Action Comics #960, on sale July 27, $3 Superman #2, on sale July 6, $3 Superman #3, … Continue reading “Anthony’s DC Comics picks for July 2016”

The best magical pranks of Mr. Mxyzptlk

Today’s the birthday of longtime Superman foe Mr. Mxyzptlk, per the 1976 DC Calendar. As longtime Superman fans know, Mr. Mxyzptlk, or “Mxy” for short, is an imp from the fifth dimension. Mxy visits Earth to use his vast reality-altering magical powers to pull pranks on, and otherwise challenge, Superman. Superman can usually only get … Continue reading “The best magical pranks of Mr. Mxyzptlk”

Five Thirty Eight determines Batman and Superman are more “World’s Finest” than “Versus”

Five Thirty Eight is the site that’s famous for its in-depth analysis of elections. It’s also expanded its expertise into the world of sports (now being owned by ESPN helps). Five Thirty Eight also analyzes some miscellaneous trivia. Most recently, they looked at the number of appearances of various characters in Batman and Superman’s comics to … Continue reading “Five Thirty Eight determines Batman and Superman are more “World’s Finest” than “Versus””

Anthony’s DC Comics picks for June 2016

DC’s finally released what’s coming out in June, after waiting for WonderCon. Here’s my look at what’s coming out, as well as the “Rebirth” revamp in general. A full list of solicitations is available here. Comics Action Comics #957, $3 Action Comics #958, $3 Wonder Woman Rebirth #1, $3 Wonder Woman #1, $3 Superman: The Coming … Continue reading “Anthony’s DC Comics picks for June 2016”

How wealthy is Superman?

A website called The Bitbag recently made an infographic comparing the relative assets of Superman and Batman, and is claiming that Superman’s (somehow) wealthier than Batman. The AV Club’s picked up on this infographic, as has some other sites, per the ramp-up for “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Below is the infographic in question: While I’ve written about … Continue reading “How wealthy is Superman?”

Hillary Clinton in cartoons

Last week, I looked at how Donald Trump‘s been portrayed in comics and animation. This week, I’ll look at depictions of the main other 2016 presidential election front-runner, Hillary Clinton. DC Comics Hillary along with Bill appeared in the DCU during the “Death of Superman” storyline. The Clintons appeared at the Man of Steel’s funeral as … Continue reading “Hillary Clinton in cartoons”

Donald Trump in cartoons

Donald Trump, 1980s business and pop cultural icon, for some reason’s managed to linger in the public pop cultural landscape since that decade. Mostly helped by his 2000s reality show “The Apprentice,” Trump’s managed a large comeback in recent years, which has led to Trump becoming the improbable front-runner (as of this writing) candidate for the Republican party’s … Continue reading “Donald Trump in cartoons”

Leap Day in cartoons

2016 brings upon us that quadrennial event, the leap year. Upon some research, it doesn’t seem to be a day that gets much mention in comics or animation, but I thought I’d list what I could find, anyway. Superman The famed superhero’s been given various birthdays over the years, but February 29 is the most frequently … Continue reading “Leap Day in cartoons”

DC Comics announces Rebirth details

On Thursday, DC Comics announced some details of its upcoming June revamp/reboot, titled “Rebirth.” I’ve summarized things below, thanks to articles in Comic Book Resources and Comics Alliance. New books, bimonthly releases, and “holding the line at $2.99” DC plans to kick things off with an 80-page $2.99 “DC Universe: Rebirth” special on May 25, followed over … Continue reading “DC Comics announces Rebirth details”