Tech thoughts: Android app review: Stopwatch & Timer

Recently, I’ve been using a new app for my Android smartphone, the simply-named “Stopwatch & Timer.” Stopwatch & Timer does what its name states, act as a stopwatch or as a timer. The app gives some options, including setting several preset timers, changing the colors of the fonts, and setting alerts for when the timer … Read more

Tech thoughts: Internet blackout against SOPA aftermath

Several days ago, the Web, including big name sites like Wikipedia, Google, and Reddit, managed to get together and protest SOPA (and PIPA). Fortunately, it seems to have had some success so far, with both bills (for now) dead in t.he water. Also importantly, the mainstream media, whose corporate owners are backing SOPA/PIPA, were finally … Read more

Tech thoughts: NORAD Tracks Santa

A stretch on the “tech” side of things, but I thought something seasonal might be nice for this week’s “tech thoughts” installment. Since the 1950s, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) each Christmas Eve tracks Santa’s trip through the skies. Over the years, they’ve upped the tech used for said program, with recent years making … Read more

Tech thoughts: Streaming videos from my Linux laptop to my Xbox 360

The last few posts on my new Xbox 360 have noted how hard a time I’ve had getting streaming videos from my laptop to the Xbox working. However, I’ve finally gotten it done. The instructions on Ubuntu’s wiki show how to set up streaming from an Ubuntu-based laptop (or Xubuntu, in my case), using the … Read more

Tech thoughts: My first week with the Xbox, plus WebOS back from the dead?

It’s been about a week and a half since I’ve gotten my Xbox 360, and so far, I’ve been enjoying the experience. The main games I’ve been playing have been “Marvel vs. Capcom 3” and “Fable III,” though more the former in the last few days, particularly for its online game-playing options (via Xbox Live). … Read more

Tech thoughts: Black Friday 2011

Yes, it’s time once again here in the US for “Black Friday.” Black Friday, as we recall, is nickname retailers have given to the Friday after Thanksgiving, when they supposedly earn a profit (“in the black”) for the year. It’s also the biggest shopping day of the year, and usually has bargains on various things, … Read more

Tech thoughts: Xubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) review

Last week, I installed the newest version of Xubuntu, 11.10 (or “Oneiric Ocelot”…and yes, I had to look up how the heck “oneiric” is spelled). As long-time readers know, I’ve been using the Xfce-based distro since 11.04 (“Natty Narwhal”) last spring, which I switched to after disliking both GNOME 3 and Unity. So far, 11.04 … Read more

Tech thoughts: Netflix keeps DVDs, loses Qwikster branding

Earlier this week, Netflix announced that it was reversing course on spinning off the DVD division of its business. Instead, DVDs will stay under the Netflix name, alongside the streaming video side of things that Netflix is betting its future on, despite the lackluster streaming selection. Along with this, Netflix is also ditching the proposed … Read more

Tech thoughts, early edition: Apple’s iPhone 4S/iOS 5 news (and other tidbits)

On Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook gave Apple’s first post-Steve Jobs keynote address, announcing the new updates for Apple’s portable media/mobile phone products. However, the announcements were less than exciting, being mostly incremental upgrades and some emphasis on the new cloud-based features. A full summary of today’s announcements are on Engadget. My observations: The iPhone … Read more

Tech thoughts: the new and improved Kindles (and the Nook Color’s fate)

This week, announced that they’re coming out with a revamped Kindle line. The revamped Kindle line consists of: A new $79 Kindle. This revamped entry-level model has no keyboard, relying on a square navigation button to type on an onscreen keyboard. A $99 Kindle Touch. Like the previous Touch model, this one has a … Read more