DC Comics finally exits New York after 80 years


DC Comics, which has been in New York City since its founding in the 1930s, announced a few years ago it was moving to southern California to join the rest of the Time Warner empire’s operations, as well as DC’s digital comics side. After months of preparation, the move’s now been completed: DC’s last official … Read more

Fox tried to buy Time Warner for $80 billion

Tiny Toon Adventures' Warners logos

Rupert Murdoch, owner of 21st Century Fox (the movie and TV divisions) and News Corp. (home of Fox News) has made an offer to Time Warner (which Time Warner’s rejected) to buy the entire company for $80 billion. Supposedly, he’s mainly interested in the home of Bugs Bunny, Superman, and CNN for HBO: Fox tried to buy … Read more

DC Comics to relocate to California

On Tuesday came news that DC Comics, who’s been based in the nation’s publishing capital of New York City since its founding in the 1930s, is shutting down its Big Apple headquarters in 2015. At that point, they’ll relocate to southern California to join its recently-created parent company, DC Entertainment (a subsidiary of Time-Warner). More … Read more

Nickelodeon and SpongeBob worse than DC/WB and Batman?

As we all know, DC Comics (and their parent company Time-Warner) rely heavily on Batman like a crutch. In a previous post, I wrote that by my count, about 42% of DC’s “New 52” comics tie into Batman (or a Batman-related character, setting, etc.) in some way, shape or form. Not to mention the large … Read more

The return of “Warner Communications?”: Time Warner to spin off Time, Inc.

Some might recall the big merger between Warner Communications (owners of Warner Bros. studios) and Time, Inc. (publishers of “Time,” “Life,” and other magazines) back in the late 80s. After almost 25 years of “matrimony,” it looks like Time Warner is looking to spin off its Time, Inc. side, in the name of pushing its … Read more

Teletoon Retro holds favorite cartoon characters poll (for Canadians only)

Canadian cable channel Teletoon Retro is currently running a contest (limited to Canadians only, unfortunately) to vote for your five favorite cartoon characters. Teletoon Retro is a companion channel to Canada’s Teletoon (Cartoon Network’s Canadian analogue), airing reruns of older classic cartoons, similar to the US’ Boomerang. In Teletoon Retro’s case, however, they seem to … Read more

Looney Tunes to return to Cartoon Network (not a hoax, dream or imaginary story)!

After looking through online TV guide Zap2It.com, I’ve discovered that after several years’ absence from American TV airwaves, Looney Tunes is finally coming back to Cartoon Network. Not only are we getting a six-hour marathon of the shorts on Sunday, November 15 (from 1 PM to 7 PM EST), but they’re also being aired on … Read more

While I was gone…

Here’s a few items I missed the chance to remark on while I was gone this week:- More rumors of what the newly-revised iPods will look like. I’d assume Apple won’t be going with a “rotate the unit for a wider screen” bit a la the Sandisk Sansa e200 line unless they redesign the scroll … Read more

Superman’s creators’ heirs reclaim part of Supes’ copyright

A court has just given the heirs/estates of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the co-creators of Superman, partial copyright control over the character: Ruling Gives Heirs a Share of Superman Copyright – New York Times While this seems to settle (barring the inevitable attempt by Time-Warner to overturn this decision) the Superman lawsuit, there’s still … Read more

Court TV becomes “Tru (Generic) TV”

An article (Update, 12/30/12: article deleted) about CourtTV as of January 1st becoming “TruTV”, with various remarks “justifying” this move toward yet another cable channel becoming as generic and bland as TBS and TNT have become (“clear identities”? I suppose, if rerunning “Home Improvement” and “Law and Order” 8 times a day counts…). Of course, … Read more