Favorite articles roundup for week ending December 12, 2015

Here’s a roundup of interesting articles from the past week. Comics/animation This week’s Golden Globe Award nominees have been announced, including the nominees for animated feature films. Technology Despite only several weeks left in the year, everyone’s already starting their 2015 “year in review” posts. Some tech companies who’ve already done theirs: Spotify Facebook Twitter … Continue reading “Favorite articles roundup for week ending December 12, 2015”

Twitter’s 2015 year in review

Although it’s not even mid-December, Twitter’s decided it’s already time for a year in review of the events of 2015. As such, they’ve released a special wrap-up page, showing the various topics and hashtags that’ve been trending. Twitter’s also listed the top memorable topics of the year as discussed on Twitter. Most of the topics are related to politics, … Continue reading “Twitter’s 2015 year in review”

Favorite tech Twitter accounts

As a followup to my post on my favorite comic and animation Twitter accounts, here’s a post listing my favorite tech related Twitter accounts. General The Digital Reader (https://twitter.com/inkbitspixels). A blog that largely focuses on ebooks and digital media issues. Flickr (https://twitter.com/Flickr). The popular photo-hosting website. Creative Commons (https://twitter.com/creativecommons). Engadget (https://twitter.com/engadget). A popular tech news … Continue reading “Favorite tech Twitter accounts”

Favorite comics and animation Twitter accounts

Twitter’s my favorite social network for various reasons, in spite of some of its recent changes. It’s less annoying than Facebook, there’s no curated feed as the only option, and it’s more widely used than Google+ (which I still like more than Facebook). Twitter also has a lot of interesting accounts worth following. Twitter does … Continue reading “Favorite comics and animation Twitter accounts”

Is Twitter becoming more like Facebook?

Twitter’s been under pressure for some time by Wall Street to increase its profitability. While it’s not losing money, it’s also not meeting revenue expectations. As such, Twitter’s been under pressure to increase its user base, which also isn’t growing as expected. Twitter’s trying several tactics to improve its user count. One has been offering … Continue reading “Is Twitter becoming more like Facebook?”

How #BlackLivesMatter matters: the presence of “Black Twitter”

This weekend marked the one-year anniversary of the horrific shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American man, by police in Ferguson, Missouri. As of this writing, the anniversary is being marked by various protests once more in Ferguson, with noted figures such as Cornel West being arrested. A rally last Saturday in Seattle for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders … Continue reading “How #BlackLivesMatter matters: the presence of “Black Twitter””

Twitter to remove 140 character limit in direct messages

Twitter’s been in the tech news a lot this week. The first news story is that its CEO, Dick Costolo, will be stepping down as of July 1, with Twitter co-founder/chairman Jack Dorsey to serve as an interim CEO. The other big news more directly affecting us Twitter users: also starting in July, Twitter’s lifting … Continue reading “Twitter to remove 140 character limit in direct messages”

Caitlyn Jenner sets Twitter record

Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner) has joined Twitter, coinciding with her appearing on the latest issue of “Vanity Fair.” Jenner is a transgender woman whose main claims to fame are being a 70s Olympic athlete and appearing on reality shows with the Kardashians (apparently an in-law/was married to one of them). Not being a reality … Continue reading “Caitlyn Jenner sets Twitter record”

President Obama now has an official Twitter account

The White House announced today that it now has an official Twitter account for the President of the United States, @POTUS. Said account will belong to whoever occupies the role of commander-in-chief. President Obama has had a Twitter account already, but an unofficial one tied to related parties. Obama fired off the first tweet earlier today: … Continue reading “President Obama now has an official Twitter account”

Ello, everybody: the newest social network

This week, I’ve been seeing more and more articles, Twitter remarks, etc. about a new social network called “Ello.” While I haven’t signed up (yet), Ello’s main appeal seems to be advertising itself as “Not Facebook.” While “Not Facebook” was the same initial appeal of the last major social network to come along, Google+, it’s … Continue reading “Ello, everybody: the newest social network”