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Ello screenshot

Ello, everybody: the newest social network

This week, I’ve been seeing more and more articles, Twitter remarks, etc. about a new social network called “Ello.” While I haven’t signed up (yet), Ello’s main appeal seems to be advertising itself as “Not Facebook.” While “Not Facebook” was the same initial appeal of the last major social network to come along, Google+, it’s ended up not gaining widespread attraction (and some amount of derision, unfortunately), thanks in part to its chicken-and-egg problem. Namely, people think Google+ is a “ghost town” since their friends aren’t on…

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A look at my social network usage (Summer 2014)

As everyone knows, social media networks dominate online life for most Internet users these days, with Facebook and Twitter the dominant ones. I thought I’d write up my feelings and experiences so far about the social networks I use. Most of the ones I use can be reached via the links section in the left sidebar. Facebook I held off on going with Facebook for quite awhile, well after it’d become the dominant name in social media. After finally signing up a few years back, Facebook’s main uses…

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Anthony wins “Love and Capes” Twitter contest

As those of you who’ve followed me on Twitter might recall, I’ve won a Twitter contest held by “Love and Capes” cartoonist Thom Zahler. The prize? A free T-shirt featuring the comic’s stars, plus a drawing of one of the characters (Mark as the Crusader)! Thanks, Mr. Zahler… Here’s a shot of each: Despite having bought plenty of comics, this is the first comic artwork I’ve ever owned. I might consider obtaining more in the future; my current apartment decor could use the improvement.

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TweetDeck gets decked: Twitter ends support for iOS, Android, and AIR versions

Twitter, owners (since 2011) of the long-standing TweetDeck Twitter client software, has announced it’s shutting down the iOS, Android, and Adobe AIR versions of its client. The mass purge in support platforms is being done so TweetDeck can shift to primarily being a web-based (and Chrome-browser-based) service, though the Mac and Windows clients will continue to be supported (for now…). However, the remaining future versions will no longer have Facebook integration. Coupled with the recent heavy cutback in support for non-Twitter-approved software tying into Twitter,…

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A summary of Super Bowl XLVII and technology

This year’s Super Bowl was definitely a memorable one for the halftime show (Beyonce), the “night the lights went out in Louisiana” (the power failure), and, I suppose, the game itself. From a technology point of view, observations about this year’s game: Twitter usage during this year’s Super Bowl hit an all-time high, with 24.1 million tweets sent. Beyonce, several aspects of the game, and the blackout dominated Twitter-talk. Meanwhile, Twitter has come to dominate “second screen” usage during the Super Bowl (“second screen” referring…

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Android app review: TweetDeck

Lately, the app I’ve been using for posting to Twitter from my smartphone is TweetDeck. TweetDeck was originally developed as an independent app, before being bought last year by Twitter. I started using TweetDeck after wanting an alternative to Seesmic. TweetDeck offers basic functions for using both Twitter and Facebook. For the former, one can retweet tweets, mark various tweets as “favorites,” and upload photos taken (with a choice of photo hosts, YFrog or TwitPic). For the Facebook side, one can mark posts as favorites,…

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Anthony’s top WebOS apps: Twee

Continuing the series on my favorite WebOS apps, I’ll discuss another app I use on a daily basis: Twee, a Twitter client. Twee performs all the standard Twitter functionality one would expect from an app: Display your general timeline of tweets, as well as ones for direct responses or username mentions Retweet/reply support Upload pictures (and also video, according to Twee’s website) Display trendting topics and trending URLs Search Twitter by keyword for tweets A choice of light and dark colored themes Notifications for WebOS…

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Gwibber’s Twitter authentication issue fixed

Gwibber, the Linux social networking client for Twitter, Facebook, etc. (now included by default in Ubuntu 10.04), has recently failed to load new Twitter timeline updates for my Twitter accounts. For some time, I thought it was due to some sort of flaw in Gwibber itself, causing me to criticize this new central part of Ubuntu as a major flaw. However, it turns out I was mistaken; unknown to me, Gwibber’s problems apparently were caused by Twitter itself changing to a new authentication system, one…

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Blog makeover, plus Twitter

As you’ve probably noticed by now, I’ve given the blog a bit of a makeover, thinking it was time I updated it a bit (from having the same appearance for the past several or more years now). The new Blogger.com template also allows for more text-wrap, thus it should look a bit better depending on the browser width. The other new feature is that after much consideration, I’ve decided to sign up for Twitter. While I can’t imagine adding to it what I’m doing every…

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