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Harper Lodge

Minorities in cartoons: Harper Lodge

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is Harper Lodge, a supporting character in Archie comics. Harper first appeared in “Archie” #656 in June 2014, and was created by writer/artist Dan Parent. (Possible spoilers below…) In her debut appearance, Harper is introduced as Veronica’s cousin, who’s visiting Riverdale from out of town. Like her cousin, Harper has a vivacious, outgoing personality. Besides being a student, Harper’s shown as a talented teen fashion designer, as well as running her own online advice column. Harper also makes use…

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Comic review: Veronica #209 (Kevin Keller #3)

Veronica #209 (Kevin Keller #3) Written by: Dan Parent Art by: Dan Parent The third issue of Kevin Keller’s four-issue miniseries shifts focus to Kevin’s new life at Riverdale High, where he’s been tapped by Dilton to represent the school on a high school TV quiz show. Unfortunately for Kevin, there’s one problem: he’s nervous about speaking in public… not helped by his memories (told in flashback) of being teased constantly by a bully in junior high and a disastrous school speech. The issue ends…

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Comic review: Veronica #208 (Kevin Keller #2)

Veronica #208 (Kevin Keller #2) Written by: Dan Parent Art by: Dan Parent The second issue of Kevin’s miniseries sees more revealed about the Keller family’s past. While planning a surprise birthday party for Kevin’s father, Veronica (and the readers) learn about several of the places the Keller family previously lived, including England, France, and several other towns in the US (that, as I noted in the previous review, are real-world towns along the east coast, near New York). Kevin is shown dealing with life…

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GLAAD awards this year’s “outstanding comic” to “X-Factor”

LGBT media watchdog group GLAAD’s announced its winners in this year’s award show. For the category of “outstanding comic,” the winner this year is Peter David’s “X-Factor,” one of the (875) monthly X-Men-related titles. I was hoping for “Veronica” to win, given it’s broken ground by being a comic mainly aimed at children/preteens with a positive gay character introduced. Still, it’s nice (if unusual) to see an Archie title just get nominated nominated…

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New Archie magazine, “Veronica and Betty,” to debut in 2011

Archie’s “turning it up to 11″ in 2011! (Yeah, I know, but I need something to replace the soon-to-end 2010 “year we make contact” puns/bide time until I can make “end of the world in 2012″ jokes) Or in this case, Archie Comics is coming out with a second magazine next year to go along with its successful “Life With Archie” magazine, a new title called “Veronica and Betty.” In the new title, Betty and Veronica are both enlisted as foreign exchange students, and set…

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Gay teen to appear in an Archie comic! (No, it’s *not* Jughead)

From the looks of the article, it’s not a hoax, not a dream, and not an imaginary story… an actual gay character will be appearing in an upcoming Archie comic, specifically Veronica #202 (released September 21). The story sounds like it treats his sexuality respectfully (plot basically being he’s a handsome guy who’s new to Riverdale that Veronica hits on, but doesn’t know he’s gay—but his new friend Jughead does…). Given that American children’s media seems to be the “final frontier” for any type of…

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