Minorities in cartoons: Harper Lodge

Harper Lodge

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is Harper Lodge, a supporting character in Archie comics. Harper first appeared in “Archie” #656 in June 2014, and was created by writer/artist Dan Parent. (Possible spoilers below…) In her debut appearance, Harper is introduced as Veronica’s cousin, who’s visiting Riverdale from out of town. Like her cousin, Harper … Read more

Comic review: Veronica #209 (Kevin Keller #3)

Veronica #209 (Kevin Keller #3) Written by: Dan Parent Art by: Dan Parent The third issue of Kevin Keller’s four-issue miniseries shifts focus to Kevin’s new life at Riverdale High, where he’s been tapped by Dilton to represent the school on a high school TV quiz show. Unfortunately for Kevin, there’s one problem: he’s nervous … Read more

Comic review: Veronica #208 (Kevin Keller #2)

Veronica #208 (Kevin Keller #2) Written by: Dan Parent Art by: Dan Parent The second issue of Kevin’s miniseries sees more revealed about the Keller family’s past. While planning a surprise birthday party for Kevin’s father, Veronica (and the readers) learn about several of the places the Keller family previously lived, including England, France, and … Read more

GLAAD awards this year’s “outstanding comic” to “X-Factor”

LGBT media watchdog group GLAAD’s announced its winners in this year’s award show. For the category of “outstanding comic,” the winner this year is Peter David’s “X-Factor,” one of the (875) monthly X-Men-related titles. I was hoping for “Veronica” to win, given it’s broken ground by being a comic mainly aimed at children/preteens with a … Read more

New Archie magazine, “Veronica and Betty,” to debut in 2011

Archie’s “turning it up to 11” in 2011! (Yeah, I know, but I need something to replace the soon-to-end 2010 “year we make contact” puns/bide time until I can make “end of the world in 2012” jokes) Or in this case, Archie Comics is coming out with a second magazine next year to go along … Read more

Gay teen to appear in an Archie comic! (No, it’s *not* Jughead)

From the looks of the article, it’s not a hoax, not a dream, and not an imaginary story… an actual gay character will be appearing in an upcoming Archie comic, specifically Veronica #202 (released September 21). The story sounds like it treats his sexuality respectfully (plot basically being he’s a handsome guy who’s new to … Read more