Free Comic Book Day 2008

Free Comic Book Day
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Yesterday was this year’s Free Comic Book Day, a day designed to promote the virtues of the medium known as comics by offering specialized comics (such as the one pictured above) from various companies to be given away for free that day.

I went to my local comic book shop, Collector’s Edge, and found it wasn’t too busy, though that was probably because of the rainy weather. The shop was allowing three comics per person to be chosen, but I asked, and was allowed to get, a fourth comic.

The four comics I got were:
Love and Capes: A superhero romantic comedy, about a Superman-type hero and his girlfriend’s relationship (with superheroics taking a secondary but still present role). I found this an amusing comic, which makes creative use of its pastiches of Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne (here an African-American billionaire who in his heroic alter-ego is the best friend of the Superman-type hero), Ma and Pa Kent, etc.

– All Star Superman: The first issue of this non-canonical Superman series was being given away for the day. While I have most of the others, I didn’t have the first issue, so I picked this one up.

– Tiny Titans: A new series taking a “Muppet Babies” take on the Teen Titans characters, presenting them as grade-schoolers attending “Sidekick City Elementary” with various jokes (such as Titans foe Trigon as their substitute teacher, Slade as their principal, the kids hanging around their clubhouse, etc.).

– Walt Disney’s Gyro Gearloose: A one-shot comic featuring various stories from over the years about wacky Duckburg inventor Gyro Gearloose, including the obligatory-by-now Don Rosa and Carl Barks reprints.

I was wondering why the new Johnny DC “Super Friends” comic wasn’t included in FCBD, though I guess they might not’ve had room for both that one and “Tiny Titans”, and opted to go with the latter.

Comics Worth Reading offers its input on Free Comic Book Day.

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