Blog makeover, plus Twitter

As you’ve probably noticed by now, I’ve given the blog a bit of a makeover, thinking it was time I updated it a bit (from having the same appearance for the past several or more years now). The new template also allows for more text-wrap, thus it should look a bit better depending on the browser width.

The other new feature is that after much consideration, I’ve decided to sign up for Twitter. While I can’t imagine adding to it what I’m doing every waking minute (as parodied in Doonesbury last week), I figure it may help me keep the blog a bit more frequently updated with (brief) thoughts. It also might be useful for things such as posting my thoughts on live events on TV (such as presidential speeches… or “The Amazing Race”, depending on whether high-brow or low-brow). At least it might have more of a use than (not sure I want *all* my bookmarks online for the whole world to see) or StumbleUpon (going to random unpredictable websites… annoying), both which I briefly tried this weekend (before deleting the accounts/uninstalling the Firefox toolbars ASAP).

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