Comic reviews: Tiny Titans #24, Brave and the Bold #14, Super Friends #24

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Thought this might make for a useful addition to the blog—instead of just reading the suggested comics (in all those “Anthony’s picks” posts of mine), may as well make mini-reviews of them, so (yes, SPOILERS):

Tiny Titans #24

Written by:Art Baltazar, Franco (guest co-writer: Geoff Johns)
Art by: Art Baltazar

In this issue, we see Superboy (the modern clone, Conner Kent version) show up to hang out for awhile with the Titans, picking up Krypto along the way and introducing to the others his Bizarro “brother,” Match. Hijinks ensue, even moreso when Speedy picks up a bunch of multicolored power rings from a pawn shop.

As usual for Tiny Titans, a funny issue, particularly when the power rings show up (and Green Lantern’s brief cameo gave a particularly amusing line). One of the comic’s traits seems to be making fleeting (and sometimes mocking) references to whatever’s going on in the not-kid-friendly “main” comics, with a much lighter (and amusing) take.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold #14

Written by: Landry Walker
Art by: Eric Jones

This month’s issue sees Bats team up with Plastic Man (in the cold “opener” pages) as they fight the Scarecrow (with mention of some of Bats’ more obscure skills). Then on to the main story, where the Huntress tries to keep getting Batman’s attention while they fight the villain of the tale, Mr. Camera (an obscure Golden Age Batman villain). At one point, Batman realizes he’s been wrong, about both his treatment of Huntress *and* the case in question.

While there’s still plenty of wackiness, it’s nice to see characterization touched on. One reference is dropped to Batman and Huntress’ pre-Crisis relationship (as father and daughter on Earth-2) with the “practically family” line.

Super Friends #24

Written by: Sholly Fisch
Art by: Dario Brizuela

This month’s issue sees an all-mad scientist convention (headlined by Lex Luthor, natch), where various villains try to use their prowess/inventions/skills to destroy or capture the Super Friends (who wind up crashing the “party”).

The fun part of this issue was seeing the various DC Universe criminal geniuses of all types show up, from the obvious ones (Luthor, Gorilla Grodd) to more obscure ones (the Ultra-Humanite, the Floronic Man, Dr. Cyber). Amusing bits: the Sivana kids fighting over a ray gun like, well, kids; Grodd and Monsieur Mallah giving the Ultra-Humanite the cold shoulder (as a “gorilla wannabe”); the villains discussing what to do with the captured heroes (and their “solution”).

Interesting to see this series use various obscure parts of Silver Age DC; the villain geniuses I can identify showing up at the convention:

  • Lex Luthor
  • Poison Ivy
  • Professor Ivo (built Amazo, the android with all the JLA’s powers)
  • Professor T.O. Morrow (another JLA foe, obsessed with the future and future-tech)
  • Hugo Strange (early Batman foe)
  • The Floronic Man (uses plant-based abilities/attacks, foe of the Atom)
  • The Fox, the Vulture and the Shark (Batman foes)
  • Amos Fortune (early JLA foe, obsessed with luck)
  • Gorilla Grodd
  • The Thinker (Golden Age Flash foe)
  • Dr. Light (uses light-based weapons)
  • Dr. Cyber (obscure Wonder Woman foe)
  • Dr. Tyme (old Doom Patrol villain apparently)
  • Dr. Poison (ditto again)
  • The Brain (not the world domination-desiring lab mouse) and Monsieur Mallah (both old Doom Patrol enemies; they’re a brain in a Dalek-like body and a hyper-evolved French-accented talking ape respectively)
  • The Ultra-Humanite (the *first* supervillain in American superhero comics, foe of the Golden Age Superman and the JSA)
  • Hector Hammond (Green Lantern foe)
  • Mr. Mind (the “World’s Wickedest Worm”, a foe of Capt. Marvel)
  • Dr. Sivana (the “World’s Maddest Scientist”, Capt. Marvel’s main foe)
  • Dr. Sivana’s also-evil-genius children, Georgia and Sivana Jr. (the “World’s Wickedest Girl and Boy”, foes of Mary Marvel and Capt. Marvel Jr. respectively)
  • Mister Atom (an evil atomic-powered robot, foe of Capt. Marvel)
  • Prof. Hugo (old Martian Manhunter villain apparently, per Google; thought he looked vaguely familiar)

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