The metric system in animation

The metric system, the measurement system used by the entire world save the United States (and Myanmar/Burma and Liberia) saw a short-lived promotion in the US during the 70s, as the government made an unsuccessful attempt at converting the country to the metric system. Unfortunately, the conversion efforts didn’t succeed; my guesses why America never

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RIP Dwayne McDuffie

I and the rest of the comics/animation enthusiast world was surprised today by the news that Dwayne McDuffie has died, due to complications from a surgical procedure. Comic Book Resources has this nice summary of McDuffie’s career. I was introduced to McDuffie’s work through reading the Milestone Comics line of characters when I was in

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Peter Cottontail as George Washington

Presidents’ Day in cartoons

Once again, it’s time for Lincoln’s Birthday and Washington’s Birthday, or “Presidents’ Day” as both holidays are more commonly celebrated as these days. Is it due to the influence of advertisers? Or a way for employers to avoid having to give two separate days off in February? Either way, officially Presidents’ Day is still called “Washington’s Birthday” by the US federal

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The Falcon

Black animated and comic characters: The Falcon

Today’s entry is Marvel hero the Falcon (real name Sam Wilson). The Falcon is noteworthy as American comics’ first African-American superhero (Marvel’s earlier Black Panther is from Africa), and the first one without “Black” in his name. The Falcon first appeared in “Captain America” #117 in 1969, and was created by Stan Lee and Gene Colan. His

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Comic review: Darkwing Duck #9

Darkwing Duck #9 Written by: Ian Brill Art by: James Silvani This issue starts off by picking up the previous storyline’s plot about Darkwing’s reputation being ruined by the alternate-universe Darkwings running amok. With Launchpad’s help, DW attempts to improve his image. It isn’t long, however, before the main new plot begins: old Darkwing enemy

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Comic review: Tiny Titans #37

Tiny Titans #37 Written by: Art Baltazar and Franco Art by: Art Baltazar This month’s issue features the “Shazam Family” (or “(Captain) Marvel Family” of course, if it weren’t for Marvel Comics trademarking the use of “Marvel” on a comic book cover). The overall story features Mr. Talky Tawny, the talking tiger, serving as a

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