Comic review: Action Comics #7

Action Comics #7 Written by: Grant Morrison (main story); Sholly Fisch (backup) Art by: Rags Morales (main story); Brad Walker (backup) This issue sees a much-welcomed development. Of course, I’m talking about Superman finally disposing of his stupid-looking “Lil’ Abner” costume and getting the “real” one (“real” in quotes, as the DCNU version isn’t the

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Chuck Clayton and Nancy Woods

Minorities in cartoons: Nancy Woods

This week’s entry is longtime Archie Comics character Nancy Woods. First appearing in “Pep” #309 in 1976, Nancy is the longtime steady girlfriend of Chuck Clayton, himself introduced several years earlier. Unlike Nancy’s cohorts Betty and Veronica, Nancy usually doesn’t eye other boys (nor Chuck other girls), making Nancy and Chuck one of the few

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