Minorities in cartoons: Lightning

This week’s “minorities in cartoons” entry is Lightning, a contestant on the fourth season of the Teletoon/Cartoon Network series “Total Drama Island,” dubbed “Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.” (Yes, there’s spoilers by the metric ton ahead; you’ve been warned.) Lightning, introduced this season as part of the batch of new contestants on the series,

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Superman and Wonder Woman a couple? Yawn.

The latest idea to come along in the bad fan fiction-like feel of the “New 52” DC Comics reboot (now celebrating its one-year anniversary) is the announcement that Superman and Wonder Woman will be dating each other, starting in “Justice League” #12. See Newsarama’s article for details. While I haven’t had problems with seeing the

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Blog revamp 2012

As you can see, I’ve decided to give the blog a bit of a revamp. Or “quite a while of a revamp,” as doing this took longer than expected… not being satisfied with the various other WordPress themes I tried, for starters. Anyway, long-timers might recall I’ve used this “black and white” theme before; I

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DC Comics timelines, part 1: Golden Age/Earth-2

While there’ve been some minor modifications (such as the various Superman origin story re-tellings in the past decade alone), overall there’s four major timelines (or universes) as far as I’m concerned: the Golden Age (or “Earth-2”); the Silver/Bronze Age (“Earth-1”); Post-Crisis (as in “Crisis on Infinite Earths”); and the current “New 52” books. I’ll start

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