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Anthony’s recommended comic strips and webcomics

June 20, 2016 Anthony 1

Here’s what comic strips and webcomics I recommend, including classic strips (i.e., ones that’ve ended their runs). All of the strips below are available either in print compilations or have online archives. The strips range from traditional daily newspaper strips to the usual online webcomics.


Comic strips and webcomics I’m reading (spring 2016)

April 29, 2016 Anthony 1

It’s time for another look at what comic strips and webcomics I’m currently reading. While it’s similar to my previous list of comics last fall, there have been some changes.

Note despite several below being newspaper strips, I read all of my comic strips online. I use either the Feedly RSS reader or updates via social media to keep up with my favorite comic strips.

Sunday comics

“My Cage” is back as a webcomic

February 10, 2016 Anthony 4

“My Cage,” a newspaper comic strip I enjoyed in the 2000s, is now back as a webcomic. The strip focuses on the lives of anthropomorphic animals working in a dysfunctional office.