Professional Writing Services Available

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I’m available to perform the following professional writing and technical writing services.

Professional blogging and online content writing

My blog, Anthony’s Notes, has been running since 2010, and focuses on media and technology topics. I also ensure my posts use search engine optimization (SEO).

Technology and media related topics are my main writing focus. However, I’m open to writing about other subjects if needed. Blog posts can be written with SEO practices in mind.


Here’s examples of some of my more popular blog content:

Article writing

I’ve written articles on a freelance basis for magazines and online sites.

Technology related topics are my main article writing focus. However, I’m open to writing on other topics if needed.


Examples of my published articles:

For other examples of my work, please see my portfolio page.

Installing and setting up a basic WordPress site

I’ve used WordPress to host my own site since 2010. I’m also a regular attendee of local WordPress meetings. I’ve also assisted in setting up a WordPress website for a nonprofit organization at the 2016 Seattle GiveCamp.

My WordPress installation and setup includes installing WordPress, a theme, and some plugins for basic security and features. I can also upload photos and text. Future updates or changes can be arranged for an additional fee.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Means of contact

Email is my primary and easiest means of contact.

I can meet in person at a public location (say, a coffee shop) if in the Seattle metropolitan area. Otherwise, I’m open to working exclusively online.

Forms of payment

I can accept payment through PayPal.


I can be reached either using the form below or by email at: me[at]anthonynotes[dot]com.