YouTube on a tablet

My 10 favorite YouTube channels

October 11, 2016 Anthony 0

I list and discuss my favorite YouTube channels, ranging from “How It Should Have Ended” and “Life Noggin” to CGP Grey and PBS’ “Idea Channel.”


NPR to drop comments from its site

August 22, 2016 Anthony 2

Starting tomorrow, NPR’s dropping comments from its site. NPR made the announcement last week, stating that while they want interaction with their users, very few people visiting their sites bothered to comment. They also noted spam and trolling, plus that most conversations about stories are taking place via social media.

Univision building in Houston

Gawker bought by Univision for $135 million

August 17, 2016 Anthony 0

On Tuesday, Univision won the right (at a bankruptcy auction) to buy Gawker and its related sites (including Gizmodo and Lifehacker) for $135 million.

While Univision’s mainly famous as the US’ dominant Spanish-language broadcast TV network, it’s been on a big buying spree lately. Univision wants to expand its reach into English-language media; as such, it owns the online site Fusion, as well as its recent purchases of The Onion and The Root.

2012 Democratic National Convention with First Lady Michelle Obama

How to stream the Democratic and Republican National Conventions

July 13, 2016 Anthony 0

Cord-cutters who also happen to be into politics (or just following whatever Donald Trump will say or do next) will be happy to know that a cable subscription won’t be necessary to follow the Democrats’ and Republicans’ national conventions next week. Below, I’ve listed a few ways to view streaming coverage of the conventions online.