2011 on Anthony’s Notes: Media

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Moving on to our next category, “Media,” in our 2011 flashbacks, most of these have been covered by previous categories already, but there’s one that doesn’t fit elsewere: the Netflix debacle. Between the price hikes and the Qwikster fiasco, I seriously considered ditching Netflix entirely for Redbox/the public library. In the end, I’ve moved to … Read more

Followup to summer 2011’s animated/comic book movies and the “Jay Sherman Test”

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I thought I’d follow up my earlier post on what I’ve dubbed the “Jay Sherman Test” (in a take-off on the famed “Bechdel Test“) and this summer’s comic-based or animated blockbuster films, by seeing how the films I listed held up (both critically and in terms of box office). The films in question were: Thor … Read more

The “Jay Sherman Test” applied to summer 2011 animated and comic book films

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Besides the well-known Bechdel Test, another possible set of rules for movie-viewing, though way more lenient than the Bechdel Test, might be the ones that were proposed by Jay Sherman in the 90s animated series The Critic. While the show had some flaws (too many forced attempts at being “wacky” at times, especially after it moved from … Read more

Movie viewing “rules”: the Bechdel Test and Jay Sherman’s rules (2010 edition)

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Often brought up online is the “Bechdel Test.” Named after the cartoonist of LGBT comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For, Alison Bechdel, it proposes that one shouldn’t see a movie unless it meets the following criteria, namely that it features: At least two women in it, who… Talk to each other, about… Something besides a man. … Read more