Black Friday 2010: the year we make contact (with the annual holiday shopping onslaught)

MacBook Air on a table

Aside from the use of yet another “2010: The Year We Make Contact” pun (only a bit under two months of that left, folks), I’d also like to note that the holiday shopping season kicks off in three weeks with what the media and retailers have dubbed “Black Friday.” Black Friday refers to the day … Read more

Anthony’s top WebOS apps: TuneIn (aka RadioTime)

MacBook Air on a table

Continuing the reviews of my favorite WebOS apps, here’s another app that I make frequent use of, TuneIn. TuneIn (formerly known as “RadioTime,” the name of its parent site) is a streaming audio app that specializes in streaming your favorite radio stations, or at least those that offer streaming audio. In my area, most of … Read more

Comics review: Batman:TBATB #22, Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam! #21

Comic books

Batman: The Brave and the Bold #22 Written by: J. Torres Art by: Andy Suriano In the final issue before this title gets a pointless reboot next month (with a new #1 issue and the unwieldy new title “The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold”), the “cold opening” sees early Silver Age DC spelunker … Read more

DVD review: Garfield: Holiday Celebrations

Garfield's Thanksgiving

“Garfield: Holiday Celebrations” is a single-disc DVD collecting three Garfield holiday specials: “Garfield’s Halloween Adventure,” “Garfield’s Thanksgiving,” and “A Garfield Christmas.” (In non-North American versions of this DVD, the Thanksgiving special is replaced by “Garfield in the Rough,” a mid-80s special about Garfield and Jon on a camping misadventure.) I’ll summarize each of the specials … Read more

More on Kevin Keller’s miniseries, possibly similar fate to Cheryl Blossom?

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Archie’s released a press statement playing up their previously announced plans to give their new gay character Kevin Keller his own miniseries, as well as the attention Kevin’s gotten: Of particular interest is the following line: The mini-series will also be part of a pilot to decide if Kevin Keller will carry on with … Read more

Garfield tackles cyberbullying

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Bullying, especially cyberbullying, has been in the news a lot lately, with reports about an unfortunate recent spate of suicides among gay and lesbian youth. Mainstream media’s finally begun to address the issue of bullying in general, including several outlets addressing children (Cartoon Network’s been running public service announcements using, ironically, its live-action reality show … Read more

Anthony’s picks for Archie Comics for January 2011

Comic book shop display

Here’s my choices for what’s coming out from Archie Comics in January 2011. As usual, the dates are listed in the order of comic shop availability/newsstand availability. What I’ll be buying Archie #617, on sale Jan. 26/Feb. 8, $3 Archie & Friends #151, on sale Jan. 12/Jan. 25, $3 Life With Archie #7 (March 2011 … Read more

Comics review: Tiny Titans #33, Darkwing Duck #5, Life With Archie #3

Comic books

Tiny Titans #33 Written by: Art Baltazar and Franco Art by: Art Baltazar This month features an “All-Robin Issue,” and true to its name, the stories center around various “wannabes” putting on Robin costumes, to Robin’s annoyance. Said “wannabes” including two younger kids named Jason and Tim, of course. This issue seems to feature a … Read more