Movie viewing “rules”: the Bechdel Test and Jay Sherman’s rules (2010 edition)

Oriental Theater

Often brought up online is the “Bechdel Test.” Named after the cartoonist of LGBT comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For, Alison Bechdel, it proposes that one shouldn’t see a movie unless it meets the following criteria, namely that it features: At least two women in it, who… Talk to each other, about… Something besides a man. … Read more

Cartoon nostalgia: Captain Caveman

Capt. Caveman and the Teen Angels

Here’s another entry in my series on old cartoon characters. Tying into my posts on the Flintstones (and my enjoyment of superheroes), here’s an entry on Captain Caveman. Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels Captain Caveman, or “Cavey” as he was nicknamed, first appeared in the late 70s on the series “Captain Caveman and the … Read more