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Android N to be named “Nougat”

Google’s latest Android operating system, until now named “Android N” (version 7.0), now has an official dessert-themed name like all previous Android versions: “Android Nougat.” For some reason, Google opted to reveal this new name initially via Snapchat, not through Twitter or even their own Google+. For those of us who don’t use (or have never used) Snapchat,

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Moto X

Five Android apps I want on my Chromebook

Now that the entire range of Google Play Android apps are finally coming to Chrome OS (the operating system Chromebooks use), one question should be asked: which apps will be the most popular? Also, which ones will be worth using on Chrome OS, for that matter? Here’s five apps I look forward to using, or at least trying,

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Android apps are finally coming to Chrome OS

On Wednesday, Google held its annual I/O keynote. There, the company announced various products, including: an Amazon Echo competitor (“Google Home”); some new messaging apps; the next version of Android, “Android N” (no name yet); and VR products. Thursday’s news might be of equal interest to the above, however. Google announced that its long-developed plans to integrate Android into Chrome

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iPhone 6

Android or iOS are the only (popular) mobile OS choices

A study by research firm Gartner has revealed that smartphone sales are still growing, though growth last year was the slowest since 2008. However, it’s also revealed that Android and iOS now dominate smartphone operating system marketspace, with a combined 98.4% market share. The current shares of smartphone operating systems are listed below: Smartphone OS 2015 market

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Chrome OS to be merged with Android

On Thursday, it was reported (initially by the Wall Street Journal) that Google plans to fold Chrome OS into its Android operating system. The goal is to create a new Android-based operating system for its present line of Chromebooks as well as for smartphones and tablets. The Chromebook line will also be renamed; its new name

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