Harlem Globetrotters

Basketball in cartoons

1996’s “Space Jam” has, despite its mixed reception by animation fans, gone on to become the most prominent animated (mixed with live-action) production centering around basketball. It’s prominent enough that Warner Bros. even plans to produce a sequel.

But what other cartoons referencing basketball have been made? Here’s a list of some noteworthy references to basketball in cartoons besides “Space Jam.”

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US currency

Educational cartoons about money

Money’s a fundamental driving point of many cartoons, from supervillains robbing banks to characters worrying about their livelihoods. However, some educational fare over the years has been used to tutor and inform the public about economics. This has ranged from the importance of paying taxes to entire countries’ currency undergoing a fundamental change. Here’s a look at some

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Teletoon Retro

Teletoon Retro to shut down September 1, 2015

While I’m not Canadian, I have kept tabs occasionally on the goings-on with Canada’s premiere animation cable channel, Teletoon. For years, it’s been the main analog of Cartoon Network in Canada—until recently, Canada’s been a noteworthy standout that didn’t have an actual Cartoon Network version. Just as Cartoon Network has a sibling channel Boomerang, since 2007

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