CNN building

Diversity at cable news networks still low

Recently, an African-American host of an MSNBC show, Melissa Harris-Perry, left the network. Harris-Perry stated that her air time had been increasingly scaled back, and that the network wasn’t giving enough support for her show or minority visibility. Harris-Perry also gave another interview discussing all of this on a BuzzFeed podcast. Some like Salon have accused MSNBC

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Miles Morales

Bleeding Cool states the biggest comic publishers need more diverse staffs

Comics website Bleeding Cool published an article today that says DC Entertainment, DC Comics’ immediate owners, are urging the comic publisher to put more effort into hiring women and minorities. As such, Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnston argued for affirmative action policies (or “positive discrimination,” to use their British English terminology)—which of course drew the usual racists to the comments like dogs on

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Facebook emoji

Apple to introduce more diverse emoji

For the unaware, emoji are graphic icons often used in text messages, social media, etc. that are meant to serve as a replacement for the more traditional emoticons. First catching on in Japan, they’ve since become wildly popular. As an example, if you want to type a “smiley face,” there’s the traditional emoticon: :-) With emoji,

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