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The six most valuable public companies in 2006 versus 2016

Much has changed in both technology and in the business world since 2006. A decade ago, the smartphone boom hadn’t started, Apple started its MacBook series of laptops (replacing the previous iBook and Powerbook lines), and social media was just taking off.

On the business side, the most valuable public companies in 2006 were mostly energy companies or banking. However, the next 10 years would see big changes for both sectors.

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Android N to be named “Nougat”

Google’s latest Android operating system, until now named “Android N” (version 7.0), now has an official dessert-themed name like all previous Android versions: “Android Nougat.” For some reason, Google opted to reveal this new name initially via Snapchat, not through Twitter or even their own Google+. For those of us who don’t use (or have never used) Snapchat,

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Android apps are finally coming to Chrome OS

On Wednesday, Google held its annual I/O keynote. There, the company announced various products, including: an Amazon Echo competitor (“Google Home”); some new messaging apps; the next version of Android, “Android N” (no name yet); and VR products. Thursday’s news might be of equal interest to the above, however. Google announced that its long-developed plans to integrate Android into Chrome

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Basic tips on making a WordPress site mobile-friendly

Having a mobile-friendly website is now more important than ever with the dominance of smartphones. While Google’s algorithms for ranking websites changes often, what’s permanent is that website mobile support is taken into account. Mobile-friendly sites not only make usability on mobile devices easier, but it’s also a courteous gesture to your visitors. Unfortunately, there’s still too

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Google Play Music podcasts

Google Play Music adds podcasts

On Monday, Google officially opened up podcast support to its Google Play Music service. It’s not Google’s first time dealing with podcasts; Google used to offer the Google Listen podcast player years ago for Android, before shutting it down. However, podcasts have become a bigger deal in recent years, thanks to the success of podcasts

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