YouTube on a tablet

YouTube launches YouTube TV

March 7, 2017 Anthony 0

YouTube is launching “YouTube TV,” a streaming video service meant to compete with Sling TV and Playstation Vue for cord cutters’ attention.

Chrome logos

RIP Flash in Chrome

December 14, 2016 Anthony 0

Flash takes one more step toward oblivion, as Google’s Chrome browser will come with Flash blocked by default starting in February.

Walter Cronkite at Apollo 11's 35th anniversary

Walter Cronkite in cartoons

November 4, 2016 Anthony 2

A list of some references to/appearances by Walter Cronkite, the anchor of the CBS Evening news from 1962 to 1981, in comics and animation.

Chrome logos

6 favorite Chrome browser extensions

September 7, 2016 Anthony 3

Here’s a list of Chrome extensions I enjoy using. Note some of these are also available (or have counterparts) for Firefox. All are available for installation from the Chrome Web Store, and work across operating systems (including Linux) on all Chrome browsers.

Apple Store

The six most valuable public companies in 2006 versus 2016

August 5, 2016 Anthony 1

Much has changed in both technology and in the business world since 2006. A decade ago, the smartphone boom hadn’t started, Apple started its MacBook series of laptops (replacing the previous iBook and Powerbook lines), and social media was just taking off.

On the business side, the most valuable public companies in 2006 were mostly energy companies or banking. However, the next 10 years would see big changes for both sectors.

Toy Android mascot

Android N to be named “Nougat”

July 1, 2016 Anthony 0

Google’s latest Android operating system, until now named “Android N” (version 7.0), now has an official dessert-themed name like all previous Android versions: “Android Nougat.” For […]