Squirrel Girl #6 (August 2015)

Anthony’s recommended Marvel comics

On the heels of my recommended DC Comics reading, here’s a list of my recommended Marvel comics. I’ll admit my Marvel recommendations will be light on certain stuff (crossovers and mutants particularly). Again, I favor trade paperbacks versus single issues/expensive hardcovers as much as possible.

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The Flintstones

Top 10 TV cartoon theme songs

Yes, I suppose this was inevitable. After all those decade-by-decade posts, here’s one that names my choices for the top 10 TV cartoon theme songs of all time. The choices are drawn from each decade’s top 10 theme songs. For the top 10 theme songs by decade: 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s The top

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The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Show

Top 10 1960s TV cartoon theme songs

Similar to my posts on top superhero theme songs, I thought I’d create lists of my favorite TV cartoon theme songs by decade. This list is ranked in no particular order, and is focused on American TV cartoons—I’m not knowledgeable enough about Japanese animation to include such, though “Speed Racer” had a catchy theme. The Flintstones The longest

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