The Lego Batman Movie

“The Lego Batman Movie” due in February 2017

Announced some time ago, “The Lego Batman Movie” is now definitely a project going ahead by Warner Bros. There’s been various direct-to-video movies featuring a Lego Batman, but this film is a spinoff of the hit film “The Lego Movie.” “The Lego Batman Movie” will be released in February 2017, with Will Arnett voicing the blocky Dark

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Cartoon collectibles: Wakko Warner toy

This week’s cartoon collectible is another oldie-but-goody, especially for “Animaniacs” fans: a Wakko Warner beanbag toy: I bought Wakko at the Warner Bros. Store back around 2000, when I lived in Indianapolis. It wasn’t long after that that the store (like the whole WB Store chain) shut down, which is a shame, as I liked

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